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Vape batteries and chargers keep you vaping throughout the day. Our range of batteries and chargers are perfect for keeping our vape mods charged. No matter your prefered vape, you can ensure you have the power to keep vaping.


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Which is the best vape battery?

The answer is simple, go with a branded battery from a company that you trust. That way, you can be sure that it is of great quality and the specifications on paper are what they are as they are thoroughly tested.

Many companies claim their batteries have the best power capacity, but may not hold true to what they say. So it is better to go with a company you know for a fact has a great reputation and cannot afford to operate at a loss for so long.

The most common battery is the 18650 battery. Other batteries that you'll find are the 14500, 26650 and the most powerful of them all is the 21700.

Most common batteries

18650 - It is the most common battery used in vape mods. The 18650 battery was first introduced into vaping by using two stacked batteries with a spring connector to make contact. They are very powerful and can handle a lot of power, hence making them a favourite among vapers.

What are the best vape chargers?

There are many great brands for vape chargers but one of the most recognized ones is Nitecore which has been making high-end batteries and chargers at affordable prices for quite some time now - which explains its popularity among vapers worldwide. There are also other top companies such as Efest which offers a variety of vaping products from batteries to chargers, e-juices, and vaping mods.

Finding a battery charger should not be difficult as they are available in many stores. But if you want to get a good price with high-end features, battery chargers from Nitecore and Efest will be a great option for you. You can also find some from popular companies such as Sony, LG, Samsung, and others.

You need to ensure that the vape charger is compatible with your vaping device as not all of them work with all sorts of batteries. Look out for the mAh rating as it determines how long it takes to recharge your e-cig battery. The higher the mAh rating is, the faster it charges so choose accordingly according to your needs and preferences.

Read our guide on how e-cigarettes work.

Are vape batteries safe?

Yes. Most common 18650 batteries are equipped with built-in protections which makes them safe to use. However, there are still vape batteries that lack safety precautions, so you need to make sure you buy from a reliable supplier or company.

Storing your batteries in a suitable case will keep them safe and away from people who may want to hurt themselves. Always buy battery cases along with your vape batteries.

How can I maximize battery life?

To get the most out of your 18650 battery and all the other vape batteries, you need to maintain them properly. One of the most important things is to keep them away from water and moisture because water can do a lot of harm to your e-cigarette or vaping device as it may corrode the electrical components which will result in damage.

The good news is that there are small things you can do to maximize the life of your batteries.

Always remove the battery from your device when it is not in use - this tip applies to all vape devices and mods which come with a removable battery. Even if you're going to be away for a while, take out the vape cell or 18650 battery so that it won't be drained when you're not using it.

Do not buy counterfeit batteries - If you want to save money, then buying cheap vape batteries might be the solution but that's not advisable since they can easily damage your device or worse, hurt you. Look for legitimate brands with good reviews so you'll be sure they are safe and reliable.

Do not use the battery if it's damaged - The vaping industry has many e-cig and vape accessory companies which ensure that their products are of high quality but there are still some sellers who sell defective vape batteries or other components such as coil heads, clearomizers, tanks, and others. To prevent harming your device, the battery, or any vape components, make sure you buy from a reliable source.

How to charge an 18650 battery?

Standard 18650 vaping batteries have a voltage of 3.7 volts while 26650 is 6V max - if you want to use different voltages you need to use a special variable voltage battery with compatible 510 connectors. It is important to know that these batteries do not support USB passthrough charging so plugging them in when vaping is dangerous and you won't be able to vape while they are plugged in. Also, if using a charger without any protection features you will have to put the battery in yourself.

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