smokers to be killed

We already know that the TPD will affect many vapers, and virtually every vape retailer with a restriction on products. London Economics has taken it one step further and looked at the numbers of smokers who will be affected in the biggest way possible.

The report, the Impact of EU ban on Higher Nicotine E-cigarettes on Tobacco Smoking, was released in February and contains some highly concerning figures on the TPD.

It focuses specifically on one of the major changes that will come through on May 20, which is that eliquids will no longer be allowed more than 20mg/ml nicotine. As it points out, “some 25 percent of Europe’s 10 million e-cigarette users currently use e-cigarettes with higher nicotine concentrations”.

As many of these high-nicotine users are either ex-smokers- or smokers who use these products to cut down on their tobacco habits- this may mean that the TPD will leave these people with few options. They might try to quit tobacco cold turkey, try other nicotine-replacement products, use lower-level nicotine eliquids, or simply return to combustible tobacco sources.

London Economics has therefore predicted that there will be 210,000 fewer Europeans who successfully quit smoking every year, and that there will be as many as 9.6 million cigarettes being smoked every single day in the EU.

Considering that as many as half of long-term cigarette smokers are eventually killed by the habit, this could result in 105,000 deaths in Europe every year due to the measures installed by the TPD.

While the group does admit that more thorough research is needed to further this data, there’s no doubt that the figures and thought processes are based in fact. Many people use electronic cigarettes to help with limiting their tobacco intake- and to cease smoking- and the reduction in the high-level nicotine products common among these groups may have a large impact over time.