Are you looking to switch up your vaping experience in 2019? Perhaps you’re bored of your current vape pod or vape device and you’re looking for a new, updated one. Or maybe you’re about to quit smoking and are wondering which are the best vape pods to buy in 2019 that will not only replace your cigarettes, but will surpass your existing habit?

Then you have come to the right place. 

Because here are the 12 best vape pods that you can buy in 2019. 

But first, what is a vape pod and who are they for?

What are vape pods?

Vape pods are a mini vaping system with either an empty or a prefilled e liquid tank. Vape pods are the latest generation of vaping devices, easy to use and easy to maintain. You can get vape pods that you fill with your favourite e liquid, like the Aspire Cobble, or disposable pods such as the Disposable Vape Pens

There are so many benefits to using a vape pod, such as: 

  • The smallest vape system available
  • Simple to use
  • Great for helping smokers quit smoking and transition to vaping
  • Instantly change e liquid flavours
  • Tight draw
  • Minimal vapour production

Who are vape pods for?

Vape pods are perfect for anyone wishing to vape. 

Smokers who are trying out vaping or who are new to vaping and are yet to find their ideal vaping device will particularly enjoy using them, as vape pods provide a familiar smoking experience that smokers will have fresh in their mind. 

But it doesn’t matter if you’re new to vaping or an old hand at it, a vape pod makes an excellent companion to any larger vaping device. They’re also a perfect fit if you’re a stealth vaper and prefer a more discreet set up and cloud production. 

12 best vape pods to buy in 2019

  1. Disposable Pod - £5.99. 
    The Dash pod is a portable, disposable, easy to use vape pod that comes with 20mg nic salt prefilled. Nic salts are great at delivering a smoother, faster nic hit than any other e liquid. The Dash Nic Salt Disposable Pod is a great choice for those wanting to try out nic salts, without committing to purchasing a large bottle of nic salt, or for smokers looking to transition to vaping. With around 300 puffs per pod, this vape pod has it all.

  2. VooPoo Vinci Pod Kit - £36.99.
    The VooPoo Vinci Pod is one of the latest, innovative vape pods to be stocked at Vapemate. Compact and available in a variety of colours, the VooPoo Vinci also has a sizeable 1500 mAh rechargeable battery, a GENE.AI chip (its inbuilt protection system), and a sizeable tank to hold your preferred e liquid - either standard e juice or nic salts.  

  3. Innokin Gala Vape Pod Kit - £19.99.
    This vape pod isn’t just a vape device, it’s an LED light show combined. Simply shake the vape pod to change the LED colour or switch the pod to stealth mode if you want to vape discreetly. Refillable, pocket friendly or hang it around your neck for easy access. This vape pod doesn’t just deliver a great vape experience, it’s also fun to use. 

  4. VM Pocket Mod Kit - £19.99. 
    Vapemate’s very own vape pod. Compact, portable, affordable, sleek and stylish. We’ve taken all your favourite features of a vape pod and combined them into this easy to use, refillable, replaceable vape pod.

  5. Minifit Vape Pod - £18.99. 
    The Minifit from Justfog is perfect for any e liquid or nic salt. Available in a variety of colours, this is one seriously compact vape pod. But just because it’s little in size doesn’t mean it’s little in vape experience. This vape pod packs in lots of vapour and flavour, and with a 370 mAh battery, you can vape all day without running out of juice. 

  6. Smok Nord All in One Vape Pod Kit - £24.99. 
    Striking, discreet and triggered with a button, this pod has a choice of coils depending on your prefered vape experience and a very large battery capacity, all housed in Smok’s signature snakeskin design. 

  7. Aspire Nautilus AIO Vape Pod Kit - £26.99. 
    The Aspire Nautilus AIO vape pod is not just stylish, it’s compact, discreet and refillable. This vape pod comes with two coils so that you can personalise your vaping experience to your exact specifications - a 1.8 ohm BVC coil (specifically for regular e liquids) and a 1.8 Nautilus NC coil (specifically for nic salts). 

  8. VooPoo Panda All In One Kit - £28.99. 
    The VooPoo Panda vape pod comes with not one, but two refillable pods, so you don’t have to choose between regular e liquid or nic salts. You can alternate between the two if you want. Sleek, stylish and ergonomic, the VooPoo also has great battery life, guaranteeing you all day vaping. 
  9. Teslacigs TPOD Kit - £29.99. 

    This is one smart vape pod. Not many vape pods offer you a fully user-friendly screen giving you up to date vape information including puff counts, battery life and wattage and voltage outputs. But then not every vape pod is a Teslacig. Oh, and it charges fully within the hour. You’re welcome. 

  10. iQ One Portable Vape Pod Device - £29.99. 
    This ultra portable vape pod doesn’t just guarantee a reliable vape, it is also incredibly striking to look at, available in two colours - gold and silver and encased in leather. Oh and with its IQ chipset, this is one smart vape pod. 

  11. Lost Vape Orion Q Kit - £38.99. 
    The Lost Vape Orion Q Kit comes in a variety of colours and packs a bigger punch than the cheaper vape pods. It is still small, discreet and easy to use, but its refillable 2ml tank and 1.0 ohm resistance mean you get more puffs for your pound and a better vape experience. Not only that, this vape pod comes with a Kanthal coil and the wick is made from organic cotton, so you can be sure you aren’t inhaling any nasties when you vape. This one also has an adjustable airflow to accommodate your preferred vaping technique. 

  12. Orchid Vape Orchid Pod Kit - £43.99. 
    A compact vape pod that delivers a powerful vaping experience with up to 30W of power. If that’s too much for you, this pod is fully adjustable allowing you to vary the wattage, the voltage and the temperature, so you are guaranteed the perfect vape experience.