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3 awesome websites that might help you quit smoking

Posted 15th Dec 2015 to Quit Smoking


These websites can help you quit smoking

There’s nothing easy about giving up smoking. It’s a serious addiction and one that takes real determination to leave behind, so looking for help in any form is worthwhile and may make all the difference.

Check out these three awesome websites that could provide the help and support you need.


Smokefree is the NHS’ online support system for those looking to quit smoking. According to their site, you’re four times more likely to successfully give it up than if you attempt to quit without it.

Head online to sign up, read about past success stories, follow them on social media, learn more about why you should quit, and talk to the experts about the best ways of going about it.


QUIT is run as a charity where the sole purpose is to help people quit – and to ensure young people never start in the first place. It supports individuals as well as teachers, corporates, health workers and anyone else involved in keeping cigarettes out of society.

Visit the website to read the latest news, browse through stop-smoking products, talk to their quitline staff, create your own QUIT plan, read up on past successes and learn about lung health.


ASH is a cleverly named organisation that stands for ‘Action on Smoking and Health’. Similarly to both QUIT and Smokefree, the ASH website is packed with information on how to stop smoking, stacks of fact sheets on smoking and health, and news on both smoking and the latest developments from the vaping world.

ASH is funded by Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation and uses this money to research and report on smoking trends and facts in an effort to continue the downward slope of cigarette smoking. 


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