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3 important dates for vaping in 2016

Posted 11th Feb 2016 to Vaping Style and Culture



2016 vaping important dates

This year is set to be a big one on the vaping scene, so here are three of the biggest and most important dates on the vaping calendar for 2016.

20 May: TPD

The TPD – the Tobacco Products Directive – is one of the most talked about changes in vaping in the history of vaping. Starting on May 20, vaping will come under the TPD, which will change the industry as we know it.

The TPD will drastically reduce the strength of e-liquids containing nicotine down to 2 percent (affecting roughly a third of all vapers), introduce excessive warning labels, limit the size of e-juice containers, ban almost all e-cigarette promotion, and much more.

It is generally believed that these measures will do far more harm than good for public health.

June: ‘A Billion Lives’ release date

A Billion Lives is a documentary on vaping, and how there are more than a billion lives at stake. According to the makers, more than 1.6 billion people will die this century because of smoking, and that the answer – vaping – is right in front of us, but is being obscured by lies from the top.

The makers have said the UK release might be at the Edinburgh Film Festival (June 15-26) or at the Sheffield Doc Fest (June 10-15). You can watch the trailer online here.

January 17: End of official OMB review period

It’s already been and gone, and we’re still waiting for news, but it’s an important date nonetheless. January 17 marked the 90 days since October 19, when the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent its e-cigarette regulations proposals to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) at the White House.

These proposals are likely to include a ‘grandfather’ date that would essentially wipe out most of the retailers currently on the market in the US, which could cause a massive uproar to the approximate 10 percent of adults in the country who vape. The White House can extend the deadline for further discussion, and the proposals are not yet set in stone, but whatever the outcome, it’s likely to have a massive impact on the American vape scene.



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