vaper gift ideas


Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and random ‘I’m thinking of you’ gifts can be tough for the person who has it all. If you know that your special someone is a vaping fan, however, you at least know you’ve got a handful of great ideas for their next gift.

Here are just a few top presents you could consider for your vape mate.

Vaping Gifts

Eliquid sample packs 

If there’s one thing true of all vapers, it’s that they love to try new flavours. There are literally thousands of flavour combos you can try out, so it’s hard to double up on what they already have.

Put together a sample pack for your vape friend, and choose which flavours you think he or she would like. You might like to stick to similar taste profiles (such as fruity or creamy) to what they already prefer, or you could go crazy and really mix it up.



Many vapers start out with a simple kit, then spend the next little while experimenting with new flavours and PG/VG blends. What they might not have already is spare parts for their kits, which means they can switch out batteries and coils as soon as the old ones are finished.

This gift might take a little sleuthing to figure out exactly which model he or she has, but it’s an extremely practical gift that you can guarantee he or she will need eventually.


Full vape kit

If your friend has only just started vaping and is still on electronic cigarettes, you might like to help him or her take the next step in vaping to an electronic cigarette kit. This will typically include a clearomiser, battery, charger, case and eliquid. Depending on your budget and your mate’s current gear, you can get more gear or even advance to sub-ohm vaping.


Gift card

Still can’t decide on exactly what to get? A gift card is an easy option that lets your lucky friend choose exactly what they want!