Apps to help you quit smoking


Quitting smoking is tough, and you need all of the help you can get. Why not download an app to the device that you spend most of your life on to make it a bit easier? This journalist managed to quit smoking with the help of an app - and still keeps it on his phone to see how much money he's saved since quitting. Here are our suggestions for some apps that can help you ditch cigs. 

1. Vapemate

Vapemate App

That's right, we have an app. Bet you didn't know that! Calculate how much money you save switching to an e cigarette and much more.  And of course its free.

Available for: iOS & Web
Download Here


2. NHS Smokefree App

NHS Smokefree App

This app features a 4-week programme to help to motivate you. 

Available for: iOS & Android
Download Here


3. QuitItLite

This app was the "least intrusive" and easiest to use of quitting apps, back when the journalist who quit in the above referenced article quit in 2014. It uses finances as the primary motivator and frankly, it's a good one. 

Available for: iOS only

Download Here 


4. Quit Pro


This app tracks your behaviour when smoking to help you discover where you are most likely to smoke. It also helps you track the number of cigarettes you smoke each day. 

Available for: iOS and Android

Download Here

5. QuitNow! 

This app is good for people who are motivated by peers and clear, small goals. The app allows for support from other members of the QuitNow! community and motivates you with badges which commemerate small goals, like lasting another day without a cigarette. 

Available for: iOS and Android
Download Here