5 cool vaping tricks

How to do Cool Vaping Tricks

In our opinion, one of the many ways that vaping beats smoking is that it’s simply more fun. Smoking combustible cigs is an addiction, but vaping can be a creative activity. Part of the reason for that is that there are all kinds of impressive tricks that can be done with vapour. Check out 5 of the coolest vaping tricks along with tips and links for a vape trick tutorial on how to do them.

The O – How to do o's with vape... this one is pretty self-explanatory and is the vaping equivalent of a “smoke ring.” It’s also the basis for many other vaping tricks. The key to a good O (wink, wink) is getting the shape of your mouth just right after you inhale. Check out this tutorial below for more detailed instructions:



The Jellyfish – The Jellyfish, also known as the Force Field, is a more advanced trick and requires more technique, but also allows for vapers to put their own take on it with different shapes and methods. You start by making a classic O, “bending” or “chasing” the ring with your hand. Then, you’ll take another inhale and “drop” the vapour through the O. It will take a few tries to master, but it’s worth it! See more in this tutorial.


The Dragon – This is one of our favourites, because who doesn’t love imitating those medieval, fire-breathing creatures of the sky? Like the O, you’ll have to shape your mouth a certain way, in the case you curl your top and bottom lips so that the smoke only comes out at the edges, and through your nose, creating four majestic plumes of vapour that will have your friends applauding. Check out Everything Vape's how-to video below.


The Tornado – You’ll have your fellow vapers holding on to their hats with this trick. The Tornado is done by blowing a large cloud of vapour onto a flat surface and running your hand through it to create a funnel that lifts up from the cloud. Like the Jellyfish, there are tonnes of modifications that can be done to this trick, like helix tornadoes or double tornadoes, to make it even more impressive once you’ve mastered the basics. Tutorial video below:


The Bubble – This trick requires a prop, all you’ll need is a water bottle or cardboard tube. If you use a water bottle, cut it in half and keep only the top. Line the tube or the bottle with a little soap and water, take a big inhale of vapour and exhale it into your prop. Just like that, you’ll have elegant vape bubbles that look like floating crystal balls. Get ready for some oohs and aahs from your friends after you perfect this one. Detailed instructions can be found below: