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5 Most Insane Lies told by Big Tobacco

Posted 21st Oct 2015 to Quit Smoking


Big Tobacco Lies

Big Tobacco might be a deceptive and heinous industry, but they’re definitely resilient. Every time they come under fire from the public or the government, they just seem to find a way to lie their way out of it, or around it, or straight through it if they have to. Here’s a list of some of the most twisted things they’ve claimed.

Cigarettes Will Keep You Slender

According to this vintage ad, also from Lucky Strikes, claimed that women could stay thin by puffing on Lucky Strikes.

This Little Filter Will Save You From Cancer

Over the years, Big Tobacco companies have introduced filtered and “low-tar” cigarettes that are supposedly less harmful than others. Surprise, the National Cancer Institute in the U.S. found that no one kind of cigarette is really safer than another. Claiming that there is a "safer cigarette” is like saying it’s safer to hold a grenade in your hand than a nuclear bomb. Either way, it’s not going to be pretty.

No Such Thing As Secondhand Smoke

In a 2011 lawsuit, it was ruled that tobacco companies had knowingly deceived the public on the dangers of secondhand smoke. One clever tobacco lobbyist coined the term “junk science” as a label for all of the strong scientific evidence that secondhand smoke was harmful.

Doctors Love Smoking

Specifically 20,679 doctors. Yes, in another Lucky Strikes ad, they made the claim that an arbitrary number of physicians found their brand of cigarettes to be “less irritating,” because it was “toasted.”


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