October holidays

It’s that time again, see below our list of this month’s strange and obscure holidays, and what eliquid flavours to celebrate them with.

9th October- Frappe Day

Everyone loves a good frappe!  Our favourite frappe flavour (say that three times fast!) is caramel, so we’ll be celebrating with a blend of caramel and whipped cream eliquids.

10th October - Octopus day

That’s right, this fascinating, multi-tentacled sea creature has its very own day. Feel like you’re in an octopus’s garden with our watermelon flavoured eliquid and see if you can vape us an octopus shape while you are at it!

12th October -  Face your fears day

While octopuses and frappes are great, this is a day with perhaps a little more meaning. Feel bold and brave by taking a puff of amber blend tobacco eliquid.

20th October - Brandied Fruit Day

It won’t be hard to give a nod to your favourite boozy treat with our cherry brandy eliquid.

31st October -  Halloween

We’d never dream of leaving out the spookiest day of the year from this list.  And since it’s just as much about sweets as it is scares, we’ve got you covered with gummy bears eliquid.