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5 Ridiculous Cigarette Ads With Kids in Them

Posted 27th Nov 2015 to Quit Smoking


These days, we’re used to the fact that tobacco advertising is heavily regulated, to the point where cigarette companies are barely allowed to market their products at all.


That wasn’t always the case, however, and cigarettes were once advertised to everyone in print marketing, on billboards, and in movies. And yes, everyone does mean everyone – even children were involved.

Take a look at these 5 ads that have kids in them, and consider how lucky we are that the world has moved on from such potentially damaging advertising!

1. “Happy birthday, dad”

Chesterfield cigarettes have us a doozy with this one. Playing off the idea of children knowing their ‘ABC’s, the ad suggests that the children do, in fact, know their ABCs – just not the ones you’d think of today.

Instead, it’s ‘Always Buy Chesterfield’. Can you imagine the look on a parent’s face today?

2. “Just one question, Mom”

Our question is what that child is doing asking mother about cigarettes. Especially so since babies are still generally mostly talking gibberish at this age.

This Marlboro advertisement makes us especially grateful about the new advertising regulations in place.

3. “I remember momma and poppa!”

Another cigarette ad based on the idea of presenting parents with combustibles for mother’s and father’s day, this also takes it to the next level with the suggestion that little Mike here might give them this gift “any day”.

4. “Born gentle”

This ad for Philip Morris cigarettes almost doesn’t count as an ‘ad with a kid in it’, simply because this child appears to be a newborn. Opting for the ‘new’ and ‘gentle’ angle, what better way to make that message clear than by using a newborn?

5. “Windproof lighters”

If there’s one product that goes hand-in-hand with a cigarette, it’s a lighter. Zippo jumps on the ‘kids in advertising’ wagon with this simply ridiculous ad featuring small children around fire-lighting products. 


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