Security levels at airports can make flying a little nerve-racking. Did you take the aerosol out? Did you take your belt off? Are they going to find something they shouldn’t? Especially in the UK and USA.

So, when flying with electronic cigarettes it can be an issue as they are still new to some people and some of the advanced mods could seem suspicious. The TSA is more informed these days about E-Cigs and you will usually be fine, but there are a few things you may want to consider when flying with your E-Cig.

  1. Do not pack too much E-Liquid in your carry-on bag. Like all liquids on carry-on bags, they must be no more than 3oz or around 90ml. Also, always put your Eliquid in plastic zip-lock bags separate from your shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, etc. That way if questioned, you can take it out easily and without hassle!

  2. Do not bring an E-Cig that looks like a weapon. For most this is not an issue as most travellers carry a small pen style E-Cig, but some people carry their larger less convenient setup everywhere they go. There is one device called the Innokin Cool Fire II which is shaped like a grenade that has been banned by the TSA. If you have a custom-built E-Cig that looks anything even remotely close to a weapon, we’d suggest you leave it at home.

  3. Do not use your E-Cig in the airport unless in a designated smoking area. This is another obvious subject but there have been many reported cases of people vaping in the lounge areas and etc. at the airports prior to boarding a flight. The same rules apply to smoking as they do to vaping at airports.

  4. Make sure your E-Cig is turned off when you board the plane; in fact unscrew the atomizer so there is no chance of a misfire. The last thing you want is for a small fire to spark on the plane because of an E-Cig (it’s happened before unfortunately!).

  5. You can't use your E-Cig mid-flight, you can be arrested for doing so. It’s one thing to get a slap on the wrist for vaping in the lounge area, but it’s a whole other ordeal if you use an E-Cig mid-flight. Seeing vapour in a closed space like an airplane will undoubtedly cause panic and get you on the no-fly list quite quickly!

Safe travels everybody