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5 signs you are a die-hard vape fanatic

Posted 25th May 2015 to Vaping Style and Culture


Are you a vaping fanatic? Check out our list to see how much you love your ecigs
Sure, vaping has a bit of a subculture appeal. That may or may not be the understatement of the year if you consider things like devoted cloud gazers, sponsored cloud chasing teams, and the rising popularity of vape shops across the world.
Even if you celebrated the acceptance of "vape" into the Oxford English Dictionary, you might be a die-hard vape fanatic if you're constantly voyaging beyond what's currently common in mainstream culture. 
Here are five signs you're a decorated ambassador of vape.
1. Your love for ecigarettes has gotten your mum hooked. In the beginning, you were the only one in your social circle vaping. But now, miraculously, everyone you know has an opinion on ecigarette gadgetry, and when actually pressed to think about it, they all trace their initiation moment back to you.
2. You're on a hell-bent mission to try every flavour of eliquid in existence. Nevermind that ecigarette companies keep producing new, wacky flavours on a weekly basis. You haven't felt this compelled to "collect them all" since Pokemon was socially acceptable for someone in your age group.
3. When you walk into your local vape shop, the employees hand you your "usual" without a word. Who needs to be a regular in a boring old bar or restaurant when you can have a staff full of vaping sommeliers with intimate knowledge of your ecigarette penchants? For a die-hard vaper, these haunts are something of a hub for social activity. 
4. You've written to your local government agencies in support of pro-vaping legislature. For those thoroughly committed to the culture, vaping is certainly more than just a hobby. We're at a pivotal moment right now in terms of winning the support of government bodies, and there are plenty of skeptics who would rather impose restrictions than take a chance on the ecigarette's ability to divert people away from cigarettes. Because you intuitively understand this, you've taken direct action in support of the cause. 
5. You're thinking of getting into mixing your own eliquids this year. There's one final step beyond "ecigarette connoisseur," and that's "ecigarette maverick." It's no longer enough for you to sample the wares of others -- you think you've got what it takes to come up with your own concoctions, and so far, you've been (mostly) right.

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