First you try your first vape – maybe from a friend – then you purchase your first vape kit (maybe from us), and before you know it, you're a vape superfan.

How did this happen? When did this happen?

Check out these five signs that you might be part of this club.

1.Your definition of juice is not the usual

If you're at the family dinner table and someone offers you an orange juice and you immediately think you'd actually prefer the strawberries and cream, although you've been really loving the menthol special blend lately… you're probably a vape superfan.

2. You don't see the point in ‘traditional' cafes

If your friend asks you where you'd like to meet for a coffee and you think it would be a great time to check out that new vape café that's just opened up down the road… you're probably a vape superfan.

3. You get into arguments with strangers

Vaping culture is still fairly misunderstood, with many people assuming it's harmful in the same way that cigarettes are. If you get into arguments with strangers who are still a little misguided on these matters, you are both a fantastic advocate for vapers everywhere… and probably a vape superfan.

4. The celebs you follow aren't on any A-lists

Kardashian-who? If you can't remember who Tom Cruise is married to now, or more importantly, you don't even care, but you do know that Clive Bates is speaking at a conference next week and that VapingwithTwisted420 has a new video out… you're probably a vape superfan.

5. Your home décor isn't something you'd see in a magazine

Some people collect teaspoons. Some collect stamps. Some people even keep their old spirits bottles and line them up on the tops of shelves. If you keep all your eliquid empties and line them up proudly in a row… you're probably a vape superfan.

How many of these can you tick off?