5 Stupid arguments against vaping

Vaping has come under fire a lot these days, we guess people are just afraid of new things. Below you’ll find five of the silliest arguments against vaping with some thoughts on why they’re….well, daft.

Vaping is Targeting Our Children!

This argument has been tossed around a lot recently. It’s an argument that can be picked apart pretty easily and that we’ll be covering more in-depth soon. For now, we’ll just point out that vaping seems to be incredibly popular among former smokers trying to quit. If there are little kids out there who are already trying to kick their smoking habit, well, vaping is the least of that kid’s concerns.

It’s The Same As Smoking

Even its name, “vaping,” should tell you that it’s not the same as smoking. There are many, many ways to consume tobacco products and for years smoking was the most popular. Because smoking is so prevalent, it does make sense that some would have trouble differing between the two. However, comparing the mechanics of a cigarette to the mechanics of a vaporiser is like comparing an explosion to a light mist from a waterfall.

It’s Just An Arm of Big Tobacco

This is perhaps one of the most common arguments against vaping, and one of the most false. Much of the vaping industry is made up of small business owners who are passionate about vaping – and about their customers, and we're proud to include ourselves in that category.

It’s Too Much Money

This is another one of the crazier arguments out there. When you compare the cost of vaping to the cost of smoking combustibles, there’s no contest. Plus, there happens to be a vaping site that we know of that often has things like two-for-one flavours and clearance items for the thrifty vaper.

We Don’t Know Enough About It So It Can’t Be Safe

This stupid argument might cause the most trouble for vapers and the vaping industry. The problem is many people are simply ignorant about e-cigs and e-liquids. While there is more research that can be done, there is no excuse for basing policy, such as bans on vaping in public places, on ignorance.