5 surprising benefits to quitting smoking

5 Benefits of Giving Up Smoking

From healthier lungs to stink-free breath, we all know the most common benefits of giving up traditional cigarettes. Despite these well-known facts, everyone has at least one friend or family member who hasn’t managed to quit yet. Here are 5 lesser-known reasons to quit smoking that you can use to nag that friend who still lights up at every opportunity.

The List of Benefits of Quitting Smoking

#1 Bye-bye baldness

study conducted by the National Institute of Health in the U.S. found that along with all of the other negative effects smoking has on your skin, such as premature wrinkling, the genotoxins in cigarettes also damage the strength of your scalp and hair follicles, which can lead to premature baldness. So if you feel you spend far too much on shampoo, by all means, continue smoking.

#2 Wake up and smell the coffee

Smokers have no idea how much they lose out on by engaging in the regular use of traditional cigarettes. One of the biggest things is their sense of smell. For non-smokers, this is obvious since people who do smoke don’t seem to know or care that they smell like an ashtray. But smokers who quit will be happy to enjoy the smell of their favourite foods and all the other scents that the world has to offer again. 

#3 More spare time

Imagine if every minute a smoker spent with a cigarette in their hand was spent with a book, doing yoga or working on a craft project. Everyone would be a lot smarter and fitter and have much cooler things around their house.  It will improve your social life too.

#4 Bigger Manhood

We’re not kidding. A 2011 study determined that men who gave up smoking not only felt an increased sex drive but also had slightly thicker and longer, err…states of arousal.

#5 Avoiding Early Menopause 

This list isn’t just for the guys. If you’re a woman, you’ve grown up hearing about the “change” that will occur as you enter middle age. For regular smokers, this change could occur much earlier than expected.