5 things better with a vape

We all know that vaping is better than smoking, but we think it’s time to break it down into a few of the ways that it wins every time – specifically.

1. Hiking

Or walking, or rollerblading, or kayaking, or literally any physical exercise. Smoking decreases your oxygen, and increases how hard your heart has to work to pump blood around your body to deliver the oxygen it all needs to work.

2. Payday

We look forward to it and count down to it constantly, then when it finally comes around, the possibilities of what a healthy-looking bank account can do seem endless. When you’re a vaper instead of a smoker, your funds will go considerably further as a handful of e-liquids a month only cost a fraction of multiple packs of cigarettes.

3. Dining out

Unless the vaping laws in your area have unfairly banned it in public places, it’s likely you’ll be able to enjoy a little vape after your meal. If you tried lighting up with a cigarette, however, you’d be stubbing it out in front of an angry duty manager before you made it to your second puff.

4. Sex

There’s that old belief that there’s nothing better after sex than a cigarette. These days, we think it’s more likely your partner would kick you out of bed if you tried this.

A vape on the other hand? Puff puff pass.

5. Life in general

This list could go on forever, but it all boils down to simply enjoying life more. Your hair won’t stink, you won’t have to worry about coming down with some awful illness, and people won’t tut at you on the street. Well, they might, but if it’s a pen in your hand instead of a smoke, you can at least chase them down the street with all your good vaping arguments.