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5 tips to help you quit smoking and nicotine with e-cigarettes

Posted 15th Jul 2016 to Vaping News



quit smoking

Quitting smoking is a multiple step process, with everyone’s comfort level being different. Here is a step-through guide to help you chart your path to success. The key to success is to go slowly, and get support where you need it.


1. Buy a starter kit with a vape pen


Our starter kits are affordable and come with either one or two vape pens, depending on the model you select. If you are a heavy smoker, we recommend getting the model with two vape pens so you have a backup if you need it. You shouldn’t start into vaping with sub-ohm models or mods until you feel comfortable enough to ramp up to this equipment - and you never have to.


2. Choose eliquids that you will like


We have a huge variety of eliquids to choose from. You can get started with a sample pack, or choose liquids based on flavours that you enjoy. Don’t start with just one just in case you do not like the taste. You will also want to choose the nicotine strength which corresponds with the number of packs you smoke per day - this formula is included on each eliquid’s product page. If you try an eliquid and you don’t like it, dispose of it safely rather than hanging onto it and purchase more of the flavours you like as backup - if faced with the choice of an eliquid you don’t like or a cigarette, you may be tempted by the cigarette.


3. If you have to go dual-use with smoking, do it


Many nicotine replacement therapy options, from drugs to the patch, have an initial period where you continue to smoke. Even if you just start vaping to cut down on the amount that you are smoking, you are still taking less harmful chemicals into your body, and getting used to smoking less. Only move to vaping only when you feel you are ready. Many vapers dual-use with smoking, and the intention of most of them is to move to vaping only. Vaping tastes much better than smoking, and you will eventually make the switch. If you need to use a local quitting service to move you to vaping only, sign up for a free counseling session - doing this worked for two-thirds of vapers who quit smoking entirely by vaping and using a quitting service. Studies have also shown that making an effort to vape every day will lead to success.


4. If you smoke a cigarette, don’t beat yourself up


Once you’ve moved to just vaping, if you slip up and smoke a cigarette, don’t think all is lost. The “all is lost” mentality is associated with becoming re-addicted to nicotine, which vaping provides without the harmful chemicals of smoking. You should analyse the triggers which made you smoke a cigarette, and try to avoid them for a while or better prepare yourself for them. If, for example, you had a smoke while out at a pub because your mates went outside to have one, make sure to pack your favourite eliquid in your pen before you go pubbing the next time and have it ready to go in your pocket.


5. Ramp down nicotine levels slowly


While it isn’t a requirement, many vapers eventually want to kick their dependence on nicotine. While nicotine isn’t good for you, it is still far less harmful on its own than when combined with all of the other carcinogens in tobacco smoke. Give your body time to become unaddicted to all of the other compounds within cigarette smoke - this usually takes about a month or so, and there are generally no unpleasant withdrawal symptoms associated with this as long as you are vaping eliquids with nicotine. Once you feel you are ready, step down your nicotine strength. Eliquids are available in a number of nicotine strengths so you can do this gradually. After a few months step down to the next one until you are ready to go to zero.


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