5 vape mods that will change your life



Mods, or modifications to original vaping kits, are part of what makes vaping fun. If you want different airflow, more vapour, or any number of changes to your vaping experience, there’s a mod out there for it. We recently asked on Instagram what your favourite vape mods were. Here are some of your recommendations, along with a few of our own and video reviews of each.

Aspire Nautilus Mini


One of our Instagram commenters found that this tank has more of a mouth-to-lung rather than straight-to-lung style, and recommended it for beginners new to the world of mods. This clearomizer offers variable airflow and a 2ml glass tank.


Kanger Topbox Mini Kit



 This is an ideal mod for vapers who want to get into sub-ohm vaping. Sub-ohm vaping can provide a warmer vapour, larger clouds, and more flavour. However, it isn’t something that should be entered into casually without a working knowledge of Ohm’s Law and those looking to get into it should research it thoroughly before making the attempt. Misthub has an excellent tutorial for those looking to make the leap.


Kanger Subtank Mini




If you want a small, light sub-ohm vaping experience, the Kanger Subtank Mini is built for this. Watch the video for this one if you get it - he gives a few good tips, including ensuring that you prime the coils before use. 

Aspire Atlantis V2




Two of our Instagram followers weighed in with a recommendation for the Atlantis V2 as a non-leaking option with multiple airflow settings for more advanced vapers. The Atlantis V2 features organic cotton coils and a sub-ohm tank. Make sure you are using it with a battery compatible with sub-ohms.


Vaporesso 75VTC




This hefty-looking kit features a Vaporesso tank with a ceramic coil, and the “TC” stands for the temperature control. According to the company, cotton is wrapped around the ceramic coil for liquid flow speed control and to minimise leaking. The claims are that the ceramic coil will last longer than a traditional wire.


The world of vaping has generated a host of vaping mods. If you have a favourite e cigarette mod, let us know in the comments section.