5 ways to up your vaping game

Maybe you're new to vaping or maybe you're a seasoned pro. Either way, there are always new and fun ways to up your vape game, check out this list for six ways to do it.

Mix Flavours

Don't settle for just one flavour at a time. With the vast array of e-liquid flavours available, there are endless possibilities for taste combos that will ensure your vaping game stays new and exciting.

Learn Tricks

Vaping doesn't have to just be “inhale, exhale,” there are lots of cool tricks you can do with vapour, from blowing smoke rings to more complicated moves like Tornado and Jellyfish. Check out these and some other tricks

Take your tricks to a contest or convention

Now that you’ve studied up and impressed all your friends with the tricks you can do, it’s time to take your talent public. As vaping has increased in popularity there are more and more outlets to do this, including vaping expos, which hold vaping trick contests and demonstrations.

Vape with friends

If the first item on our list has you excited to start trying flavour combos, call up a few of your mates and get together to trade eliquids and compare notes on the tastiest options.

Vary your style

There are all kinds of vape mods and decorations you can get for your vaping supplies. Slap a sticker from your favourite band on there, dunk it in glitter, whatever floats your boat!

Pair your vape with food and drinks

E-liquid doesn’t just go well with other e-liquid.  The next time you’re getting your home chef game on, pair your meal with a complementary e-liquid. Impress yourself and your friends with how well sweet cherry flavour pairs with roasted duck. Or for when you have a little less cash in your pocket, add some class to your ramen packets by vaping on some cola float eliquid.