7 Holidays to Vape to in August

It’s that time again! Check out our roundup of weird holidays that you and your fellow vapers can enjoy by puffing on some of our unique and vibrant flavours.

Romance Awareness Month

People might usually associate romance with spring, but August is actually international romance awareness month. We suggest skipping the usual box of chocolates or bouquet of flowers and surprising your love with a bottle of one of our classiest flavours: Beaujolais nouveau.

Lazy Day, 10 August

We love a good lazy day, but we love a lazy day with an excuse even more. On 10 August, put your feet up, close your eyes, and puff on our blue Hawaii eliquid for some tropical relaxation.

Honeybee Day, 15 August

As the old saying goes, every bee has his day. On 15 August, tip your hat to our little fuzzy friends with a taste of our English honey eliquid.

Creamsicle Day, 17 August

August is the hottest month, so it’s fitting that creamsicle day should happen right in the middle of it. Of course, we have you covered. Just mix some ice cream and sweet orange eliquids together to celebrate one of our favourite frozen treats.

Lemonade Day, 20 August

The creamsicle isn’t the only refreshingly cool treat to be honoured with its own day in August. While you sip on the real thing, enjoy our lemonade flavoured eliquid on 20 August.

Whiskey Sour Day, 25 August

Now that you’ve celebrated honeybees, lemonade and creamsicles, engage in a more adult pleasure by honouring this time-tested cocktail. As a vaper, you can have some fun with this one by making an eliquid cocktail out of our whiskey and lemon flavours with just a dash of maraschino cherry.  

Bowtie Day, 28 August

Round out your month by celebrating a classic with a classic. Put on your sharpest bowtie and have a taste of our Virginia tobacco eliquid.