7 things vapers are tired of hearing


When it comes to vaping, everyone has an opinion. But unlike those of us who know how to enjoy an ecigarette, the people with the loudest, most obnoxious opinions are often those who have never even given the practise a shot.

If you know somoene who seems to alwasy be questioning your vaping habits without having given it a go themselves, you might want to show them this article. Here are the seven things we're sick of hearing from the non-vaping crowd. 

Isn’t that for weed?

The answer (for most of us, sadly) is no. When you see someone vaping on the street or at the bar or anywhere in public, that person is most likely just vaping legal nicotine in the form of their favorite e-liquid flavor. That's not to say some people don't enjoy combining these two habits - but with pot still being banned in most countries, it's not something you can just do while taking a stroll.

But there was that study that said….  

We’ve all heard this, from family members, co-workers, even from those strangers who just can’t manage to keep their opinions to themselves. Whether it was the study concerning the formaldehyde levels in e-liquids, or you know, that one that says if you vape too much you’ll turn into a lizard, the non-vapers in your life have suddenly all become doctors and scientists. Little do they know that you are an informed adult who keeps up with the latest news on the effects of (or lack thereof) choosing to vape, rather than inhaling the smoke of analog cigarettes.

Vaping isn’t regulated!

Neither is other people’s ability to butt into your life, unfortunately. Governments and health organizations around the world are examining the effects of vaping, particularly in comparison to harmful traditional cigarettes. Regulation might be on its way, but as we all know, that’s hardly any reason to dismiss it. Most vapers are in support of regulation anyway - we just don't have time to wait for governments to catch up to 2015. 

It’s made of chemicals

So is everything, genius. If you’re wearing synthetic fabrics while declaring that chemicals are the root of all evil, you’re part of the problem.

Please use your e-cigarette in the smoking section

It’s happened to vapers at bars and sports games and restaurants. People who are ignorant about the massive differences between vaping and smoking don’t see a problem with asking those who vape to surround themselves by toxic smoke.

I’d rather just smoke regular cigarettes; at least I know what’s in them

We know what’s in them too, and it’s gross. * Puffs on vape *

Can I try that?

While we couldn’t fault a person for being curious about vaping, sorry, we don’t know where your lips have been! If you want to try it out, get your own