9 Vaping News Headlines from February

As well as the long term Cancer Research study that showed vaping was far better than smoking vaping got some other good vibes in February. And it wouldn't be a proper month without an ecigarette explosion report.

E-cigarettes ARE safer than tobacco, study confirms: Vaporizers harmed just 2 genes in human lungs - compared to 123 genes mutated by cigarette smoke

Daily Mail, February 6th 2017

E-cigarettes are far less harmful than tobacco products, a study appears to confirm. While vaporizers are touted as 'safe', health experts warn we still don't have enough evidence to say that for certain. But a new set of experiments performed in the UK have shown lung tissue is barely affected at all by e-cigarettes - compared to the crippling affect cigarette smoke has one our organs. 

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Vaping backed as healthier nicotine alternative to cigarettes after latest study 

The Independent, February 7th 2017

Smokers switching to artificial alternatives have far fewer toxins and cancer-causing substances in their bodies after six months, study finds...

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Plain Old Vaping Gives Way to ‘Dripping’ Among Teenagers, Study Says

NY Times, February 7th 2017

Teenagers have found a new way to worry their parents. Never mind plain old vaping — now, it’s all about dripping.

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Passenger smoking an e-cigarette sparks major alarm at airport

ITV.com, February 17th 2017

It's thought a passenger smoking an e-cigarette in a toilet sparked a major alarm at Stansted Airport in Essex.

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Sutton vs Arsenal: Will Paul Doswell be 'vaping' next to Arsene Wenger?

Evening Standard, February 20th 2017

Doswell has developed a reputation of late for vaping on the touchline, being caught on camera inhaling the vapour from a device during Sutton's 0-0 FA Cup draw against AFC Wimbledon earlier in the competition.

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Vaping and smoking both alter these 53 genes

Knowridge, February 22nd 2017

Smoking cigarettes alters dozens of genes in the epithelial cells that line the respiratory tract. Several of these changes likely increase the risk of bacterial infections, viruses, and inflammation.

Now, scientists report that vaping alters those same genes and hundreds more that are important for immune defense in the upper airway.

Entire bedroom destroyed in fire after e-cigarette explodes

Metro. February 24th 2017

An entire bedroom burst into flames after an e-cigarette exploded. Dramatic images show the devastating after effect of the blaze.

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Taxpayer-funded vaping is Maori Party's latest anti-smoking push

NewsHub, February 28th 2017

The co-leader of the Māori Party wants to see taxpayer-funded vaping as a way to combat New Zealand's smoking addiction.

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Inmates in Irish prisons will soon have access to e-cigarettes

 The Journal, February 26th 2017

Inmate in Irish prisons who are trying to quit smoking will soon have access to electronic cigarettes.

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