A Billion Lives is an pro-vaping documentary directed by Aaron Biebert. Since its premiere in May in New Zealand, it has been winning awards and garnering critical acclaim at worldwide film festivals. It is due to have its North American premiere in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on August 6.



Despite the appearance of Clive Bates, an outspoken voice for vaping in the UK who has worked at the United Nations, there is no news yet of a premiere in the United Kingdom. The title is derived from the fact that over a billion people are projected to die of tobacco-related causes in the 21st century - the film’s central theme is that these lives could be saved through the promotion of vaping as a tobacco harm reduction method. However, the film argues that attempts to get the truth about the safety of ecigarettes out are continuously thwarted by both pharmaceutical and tobacco industry lobbying, as well as industry-funded studies which spin an e cigarette in a negative light.


The film currently has a 10/10 rating on IMDB, and has received excellent reviews. In the film Biebert interviews notable officials from health organizations around the world to get their positive opinions about vaping, including:


  • Dr. Derek Yach - Former Executive Director for the World Health Organization (WHO)

  • Dr. Delon Human - Former President of the World Medical Association (WMA)

  • Jeff Stier - Senior Fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research in Washington, D.C.

  • Clive Bates - UK Director of Counterfactual and a positive voice for ecigarettes in the UK


The film also features Hon Lik, who invented the e-cigarette.


While Biebert is neither a smoker nor uses e liquid, he felt a commitment to spread the truth about e-cigarettes in the face of all of the negative attention being thrown at vaping by businesses and governments more interested in keeping revenue flowing than in public health. 

He watched friends become ill through smoking and others who were trying to quit cigarettes by using e juice and felt he needed to show the importance of the ecigarette product as a public health issue.


You can find out more about the film on its website.