Steeping DIY Eliquids


Quick Guide: How to Steep DIY E-Liquids


The subject of how long to steep DIY e juice for is a controversial one. But as a manufacturer of eliquids who has been steeping them for quite some time to just the right note of perfection, we believe we can clear up the clouds surrounding it.


Don’t overcomplicate your steeping process


E juice steeping is not the same process as ageing a bottle of wine or making beer. Once the flavours are mixed together properly, they reach a peak mix which does not get better with age. This is why our flavours don’t change noticeably after sitting in the bottle for a few months. However, some flavours do take longer to mix and properly develop from the time of initial mixing.


Basic guidelines for e liquid steeping - it’s all in the flavour & complexity


As a general rule, the more flavours you are mixing together, the longer you want to leave them to steep. Fruit and menthol flavours are lighter, and mix more easily, so don’t require as long to steep as more complex flavours such as custards or creams. If you’re an impatient type, open up the bottle and sniff them to see how they are doing before vaping - you’ll generally be able to tell from the odour if they are ready to go.


  • Simple mixes (2 flavours) - up to 5 days
  • More complex mixes (3+ flavours) - 6 days to 2 weeks
  • Any mix with custards, creams, biscuit, anything but fruit or menthol - 6 days to 2 weeks


Essentially, the heavier the flavouring, the more time you want to give it to steep in order for the flavours to mature and blend together properly.


Go with what your preference is


Making your own eliquid is all about geeking out on the recipes and making something that suits your own, particular taste. The above is a guideline only - some people prefer to vape their juice straight after mixing, which can work with some of the fruit and menthol flavours.


A note on mixing


While we’re on the subject of e liquid steeping, steeping and mixing go hand in hand. Giving your ejuice a good shake is generally how most DIY mixing is done, but if you want to get more advanced or ease up on your wrists a bit, this YouTuber has an interesting mixing setup. The only cautionary note is that he states that his method will mean your eliquids will be ready more quickly - more complex flavours will still need time to steep in the bottle.




Another thing that can help the mixing process is to put the eliquid in a warm bath and vibrate - this will reliquify the vegetable glycerin and allow the flavours to blend again a bit better. This is also a good way to revive any eliquids that you may find at the back of your closet that you’ve had for a few months. A good old foot bath will do the trick, but make sure you ask your Nan if she minds first.


E liquid steeping is not as important as mixing


The real art in making your own juice is to get the percentages of the flavours, nicotine, PG and VG correct. Once you’ve got that down, steeping becomes academic. For a solid guide on how to calculate your percentages and quantities, refer to our e liquid calculator.


Image Credit: Amy/Bio Lab on Flickr