There is so much advice to find about how to vape, where to vape, and so on, that knowing how to best practice vaping can be confusing.

Vaping is mainstream now. More and more people are taking up vaping but the proper etiquette remains somewhat of a mystery. Non vapers don’t fully understand it so building a relationship with them is key to getting everyone on the same page.

This post will be showing you how to vape properly in the most socially acceptable way.

Vaping in Public

Vaping in Public

When vaping in public, bear in mind your surroundings. Common sense plays a key role in whether or not you should be vaping in a particular spot.

This is important: never just assume you can vape.

Many places will have clear policies on if you can use an e cigarette in a public place.

For example, most restaurants and bars will have designated smoking and vaping areas that you must stick to. If you are ever unsure if you can vape, just ask. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Public places where you shouldn’t be vaping are those where you are in a confined space, such as in a shop or hotel. Be very careful as this is one of the worst pieces of vaping etiquette to break.

Like we said, just use your head and think about where you are before pulling out your e-sig. If you’re allowed to vape, great, buf if they don’t, just wait or take it outside somewhere where you can.

Vaping at Work

Most workplaces will now be up to date and have clear vaping policies. They are aware that e-cigarettes are an alternative to smoking so may even encourage vaping. There will different policies depending on your job.

But don’t abuse the privilege. If you spend too much time vaping or distracting your colleagues then the policy could change and you will be sent to a designated area or even forbidding them altogether.

Again, keep in mind of where you are. It would be smart to avoid vaping in the most popular places such as dining areas unless you have asked.

Vaping with Transport

When using public transport, do not vape. There is usually a no vaping policy when on board a train or bus. This also goes for vaping on planes (they won’t even allow you take it in your hand luggage!)

Further to this bus stops and train stations also have no vaping policies so avoid vaping in these spots too.

When it comes to cars, remember that it is property of someone else meaning that you should be following their rules. Because cars are quite small and confined, the vapour could get in the way of mirrors or the windscreen and end up being a distraction to the driver.

If it’s your friend’s car then they may be more relaxed but always ask them for permission. The same goes for if you are in a taxi. The driver may not allow it so communicate and check whether or not they allow it.

This could get a little annoying if you haven’t been able to vape for a little while and you’re on a long journey but the driver could also be frustrated, eg with heavy traffic on the roads causing delays. If you really need to vape, ask the driver to pull over or stop at a service station and vape away.

Stealth Vaping

The short answer: don’t. Just wait until you are at a place where you can and people accept it.

Do you really want to be caught and cause a scene?


Vapour Clouds

Vapour Clouds

We know they are awesome but not everyone will think the same.

People that do not vape will often think that clouds are annoying and that you have no consideration for them or the space around them.

The etiquette here is to leave enough room between you and a non-vaper to produce these clouds without getting anyone irritated.

If by some chance you accidently blow some vapour onto someone, just apologise. You will show that you care about their feelings and avoid causing problems.

Vaping on Holiday

If you plan to vape abroad, the first thing you must do is research that country’s laws on vaping. Just an example, Singapore has a ban on e-cigarettes so if you plan on vaping there, you’re out of luck.

Similarly to that of transport, you are a guest of that country so respect their wishes. You don’t want to get into any trouble.

Most countries are relaxed on e-cigarettes but if you have any doubts about whether you can vape, always, always ask. This goes from the moment you land in an airport to when you get to your hotel room.

Vaping with Others

This will be the final vaping rule we will be talking about.

Because vaping is popular, lots of people are taking a lot of interest in it meaning that your equipment could be an interesting topic of conversation.

Sharing the vaping experience with fellow users is a great way to discover new techniques or try new flavours that you can add to your collection. Find some cafes or bars that encourages vapers to socialise.

You may also have the opportunity to convince a tobacco smoker to switch to vaping so answer all their questions they may have. Your advice could help sway them to make an amazing lifestyle choice and quit.

Going Forward

The more vaping becomes attractive, you need to keep your etiquette levels high in order to maintain and improve relations with non vapers.

The main things you will have seen from the tips above is that communication is key and take into consideration your and others’ surroundings.

Vaping can be a pleasurable experience for everyone by taking care and showing courtesy to all involved.