Advocacy Group Aims to Change Opinions on Vaping

We have been covering vapers’ rights groups as well as the challenges they face for some time now. As a ban on vaping in Wales is considered, and other places around the world face similar restrictive measures, it is more important than ever that the public is informed about the issue. We all know that vaping is a great alternative to combustible cigarettes, but many people, politicians included, are simply ignorant about the possible benefits of this method of nicotine consumption.

One new organisation aims to change that. is a new website and awareness campaign created by folks who are passionate about consumers’ rights. Created in response to an ad run on TV in California that claimed vapers are “Still Blowing Smoke,” the site presents facts about both vaping and the awful ways that big tobacco companies hold states hostage with tax money.

One of the biggest misconceptions about vaping, that many anti-vapers are happy to perpetuate, is that e-cigs are basically the same as combustibles. We think it is highly irresponsible to run TV ads that claim this is true. We hope that the millions around the world who live in places where vaping is being threatened will visit, as it’s a great resource for the general public. For instance, there is one section of the site simply called “Facts,” that lays out all kinds of information that the makers of the “Still Blowing Smoke” ad wouldn’t want you to know about, like how according to a recent study, “vapour products were by far the most used tool by smokers making quit attempts,” and how one of the chemicals found in e-liquids is used in many food and drinks as a “flavour carrier,” and is “also an Asthma inhalers main ingredient.” We’re pretty sure smoking combustibles can cause asthma, so the makers of traditional cigarettes must have chosen to leave that ingredient out.

They also point out the important fact that vaping has brought a severe blow to the big tobacco industry. Vapour products represent what they call a “disruptive economy…that provides an alternative to deadly combustible tobacco products at the expense of many other interests losing their revenue from the harmful effects of those combustible tobacco products.” Or as they put it more simply on their homepage, “Vaping is small business, not big tobacco!”

We could not agree with this fact-based assessment more, and are excited to see what else will come from this new advocacy group.