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Always Know What’s in Your E-Liquid

Posted 1st Sep 2014 to Vaping Style and Culture


As electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular to the point where it seems there are at least a couple news articles a day on the subject, everyone needs to start paying attention to the quality of e-liquids that users are buying. e-liquid is a combination of PG, VG, flavoring, and nicotine. A trusted e-liquid manufacturer and vendor would only make e-liquids with pharmecutical or food grade materials. When I say pharmecutical or food grade, I mean flavorings that are used and approved for food and beverages and well as USP grade PG, VG, and lab grade nicotine. Most manufacturers adhere to these ingredients, however please be warned there are some (evil) manufacturers out there just trying to make quick money and use the cheapest materials. Using cheap and non-food/non-pharma grade materials doesn’t only affect taste and consistency but it could be extremely dangerous to use as well.

For example by using oil based flavoring instead of PG based can lead to dangerous damage to your lungs called lipid pneumonia. Lipid pneumonia is the inflammation of the lungs caused by oils (or lipids) entering into the lungs. Using perfume oils and essential/herbal oils can lead to lipid pneumonia. Some food grade flavorings can be oil based (like many citrus flavors) however most reputable vendors like Vape Mate never use oil based flavorings as it’ll disrupt the integrity of the high-quality e-liquids they are selling.

Vapemate eliquid

Aside from oils and lipids, diacetyl is another major concern. Using diacetyl in electronic cigarettes causes something called popcorn lung or bronchiolitis obliterans. Popcorn lung is when the small airway branches (bronchioles) of your lungs are narrowed by scar tissue and inflammation. Some symptoms included coughing, wheezing, and severe shortness of breath. Unlike lipid pneumonia, however popcorn lung is incurable and irreversible. Once the damage is done, it’s done. The other scary part is even some food grade flavorings contain diacetyl as it is approved for ingestion by the FDA, but not for vaporization purposes. Now not all flavorings contain diacetyl, in fact, there are many flavorings that do not include the diacetyl in the flavorings. This, of course, is something the vendor and e-liquid manufacturer must be held accountable for as there is no way for the buyer to tell whether the e-liquid has diacetyl flavoring or not. Reputable vendors like Vape Mate avoid using flavorings with diacetyl often paying a higher price tag for the flavorings; however other vendors such as the ones imported from China use inferior flavorings often containing diacetyl and other harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

At this point, many studies have been done looking at e-liquids on a molecular level and analyzing any potential dangerous compounds. For the most part, these e-liquids have come back clean but some of the cheaper store bought brands have been known to contain not only diacetyl but also heavy metals as well. Inhaling heavy metals such as brass, copper, and tin is also very dangerous especially at higher temperatures and the acidic properties of the e-liquid could allow lead to be absorbed into the blood stream. Needless to say, lead poisoning is no walk in the park either. This is why I stress over and over again time after time the importance of purchasing high quality e-liquids as well as high quality electronic cigarettes from a reputable company such as Vape Mate who bottles their own E-Juices with the highest quality ingredients; as it’s not just a matter of getting a quality and enjoyable vaping experience but also a matter of staying safe and healthy.

Lipid pneumonia, popcorn lung, and heavy metal poisoning all sound like scary words health organizations love throwing around as tactics to urge all users to stop using electronic cigarettes. However, only a small percentage are of such a concern. High-quality e-liquids and electronic cigarettes are key to preventing potential life threating life issues. Always purchase from a vendor and manufacturer does make e-liquids from high-quality food safe ingredients that contain no diacetyl, lipids, heavy metals, or any other health hazardous materials.

Finally, just to be clear, Vapemate do not sell eliquid blends that contain diacetyl and actively monitor the ingredients of all components of the eliquid they manufacturer. Should any blend be found to contain diacetyl, a full product recall would be announced and customer immediately notified. All of Vapemate's eliquid is manufactured in the UK to order and machine dispensed for accuracy. 



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