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An Unconsidered Benefit of Vaping

Date: 29 Aug 2014 18:13

I’ve been vaping for a long time now and I’ve become an advanced vaper. I’m definitely a veteran in many circles and understand the ins and outs of vaping. I know the benefits and the safeties one must use to use their personal vaporiser safely and without harm. I’m a bit embarrassed to say one beneficial aspect of vaping never occurred to me until recently when I was out at the bar with some friends. This aspect really has been ignored as it isn’t as beneficial to the individual as it is to the environment. No, it’s not what you think it is! You’re probably thinking it’s the fact e-cigs do not make smoke that is polluting the air. Very close. But the aspect that I’m talking about is actually littering.

I was thinking that if all snokers used e-cigarettes; instead, not only would the air quality improve greatly with the sweet delicious smell of vapour, but the floors would be so much cleaner as well

When I was out at the local bar, last weekend I was among a lot of smokers as my area hasn’t accepted vaping as much as most larger populated (and forward thinking) areas in the United States. May people still smoke where I am, but they know what an E-Cig is but the lack of a local vape stores has most people uneducated and continue to smoke. Anyways as most smokers do, after finishing their cigarettes they tend to throw their butts anywhere that’s convenient for them. At the bar where I was at, the floor was littered with hundreds of butts that evening. I was shocked I never noticed it before, but the littering was abysmal. Holding my personal vaporizer, I was thinking that if all snokers used e-cigarettes; instead, not only would the air quality improve greatly with the sweet delicious smell of vapour, but the floors would be so much cleaner as well. There wouldn’t be a need for someone to clean up the mess every night if everyone picked up an e-cig. I’ve heard of many arguments in my day, but never has anyone bothered to use this as a pro for ecig usage.

So next time you’re talking about ecigarettes and how they are a healthier alternative to smoking, definitely mention the environment in your argument. Sure your lung capacity would be better, your teeth whiter, and you’d live longer. But e-cigs are also better for the environment as well! Especially when you consider over a billion pounds (not an understatement) of cigarette butts are littered every single year, ecigarette usage by everyone would be an immense help to the planet Earth.




violet cherry

posted on 2014-09-15 00:29:15

I've noticed that myself, even just at home with ashtray emptying. People now enter my home and ask 'What's that air freshener your using it smells lovely' -Errr I'm just vaping lol. Just imagine being in an area of vapers passing through being hit by a sweet smell, a few steps on a fruity one, then roasting coffee so much more pleasant and the coffee might even help you sell a home especially if someone else vapes a bread flavour in the kitchen for you OK I'm kidding there. Now not only am I saving £££ not buying smokes I'm saving on air fresher and (without brand names) another type of fabric freshener for furniture etc. One of the biggest possibly not so obvious bonuses I've considered too, and this should be swaying the anti mob a little surely, in the long term could it lead to cut's the cost for home insurance, tax payers money being spent on the clean up of tobacco (an endless list from picking up butt's to healthcare costs) and reductions in putting lives of professionals in danger, again I assume in most places funded by tax payments. The risk of fire in the home reduces immensely. I used to be really good with home safety when smoking, not even taking them upstairs. However due to a medical condition beyond my control started to not be able to grip them too well, and also would fall asleep with little or no warning. Within my last few months of smoking I accumulated so many burn marks on the sofa, rug, blanket even my laptop has had occasion when I've lost grip and it's rolled over the keys down to the screen area, and I'm trying to pick it up. I was beginning to worry it was not a case of, this is getting bad I could set the home on fire with my two kids upstairs more along the lines of one day I am going to do this and it needs to stop. So you've the benefit of the roadsweeper or litter patrol not having to pick up all the butts. The melted plastic bin tops in public where more considerate people have extinguished them ontop of a bin and placed it inside not looking burnt up and needing replacing so often. Fire fighters not risking their lives because someone has had an accident or come home late fallen asleep and set themselves on fire. Which in turn leads to more stress on the health system if you have burns or are traumatised. Not just limited to within the home a disregarded still lit cigarette dropped while out walking in the countryside has caused a few large blazes in my area; Before I go too far off topic, let's just leave it as there are a lot of not instantly obvious benefits