april holidays vape

Discover why you’re about to look forward to all the holidays in April, with this month’s inspiring article on what you should be vaping – and when.

April Fool’s Day – April 1

April’s most famous day falls right on the first of the month, so you’ll have to be quick about this one. Take your inspiration from the most famous prank of all time – a cream pie to the face – and enjoy a banana cream pie eliquid to start your month off right.

Vitamin C Day – April 4

Vaping sweet orange eliquid won’t boost your vitamin C levels, but it will taste like the real thing without getting bits of pith stuck between your teeth.

World Health Day - April 7

April 7 is World Health Day – so what better day to make a start on quitting smoking for good? If you’re currently a smoker, it’s likely that kicking the habit will be the healthiest thing you can possibly do for yourself. Need a recommendation to get you started? Try our blueberry eliquid, because blueberries are super foods, which surely means you get extra health brownie points?

Take a Wild Guess Day – April 15

It’s a day to celebrate the random guesses in life. Look to one of our latest and greatest juices, the Directors Cut: Take Three, as you’ll be taking wild guesses as to what glorious flavours you detect in its mysterious depths.

Jelly Bean Day – April 22

There is almost no sweet that’s more iconic. They come in all flavours and colours, and we all have our favourites (red) and the ones we avoid (black, ew). Get your hit of a rainbow of sweet flavours with our wine gums eliquid to celebrate the day- without rotting your teeth.