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As you like it: Flavour options offer more choice

Posted 6th Dec 2015 to Vaping Style and Culture


Cigarettes generally vary in flavour due to the strength of nicotine, the tar, and the type of tobacco used in them. That said, if a non-smoker were to pick up two different cigarettes, they aren't necessarily going to notice much of a difference between the two.

However, take someone who has never tried an e-liquid before, get them to try two different vapes, and they will instantly be able to tell the difference between that sweet chocolate taste of one and the zesty lemon flavour of another.

That's because there's simply a massive number of flavour options within the world of vaping, giving each person so much choice that they will almost certainly not stick to the same liquid each time (as most cigarette smokers will). There are far too many tempting flavours not to try as many of them as possible.

Back in the middle of 2014, a team of researchers from the University of California released data they'd been collecting over the previous couple of years. They found that there were more than 7,700 flavours available on the market from more than 460 vape brands worldwide. And that's back in 2014 – even in the 18 months that has passed, there have been countless new brands and flavours pop up all over the world.

The market has grown so quickly that the researchers struggled to keep up with growth even during the study, when they found that an average of 10 new brands and 200 new flavours popped up each month during the study.

Fruit flavours are often the most common, with plenty of dessert-flavour fans out there as well. Here at Vapemate, we have hundreds of options and endless ways to customise those options with your own VG/PG mix and nicotine strength, and we're not looking to slow down on our awesome new flavours and products anytime soon.  


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