A recent study published in International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health reported on the effects of electronic cigarette use in Asthmatic smokers, including the differences in their health after switching to an e cigarette. Researchers examined 18 subjects, 10 of which quit smoking completely through the use of e-cigarettes. The remaining 8 subjects were considered dual users of e-cigarettes, reducing smoking from 22.4 cigarettes a day to only 3.9 cigarettes daily after only one year of vaping. All 18 subjects were examined at the six month and one year mark for any changes or improvements in their conditions. Each subject was also given asthma control questionnaires, spirometry tests (measuring of breath), lung and airway responsiveness tests, and monitored for any irritations that had occurred.

After one year, researchers discovered considerable improvements in lung functioning and all other asthma symptoms in all 18 subjects. Additionally, none of the subjects had to be admitted to the hospital or intensive care during the study. The researchers stated that the substantial health benefits observed are “expected to be related to quitting smoking rather than vaping itself, but the research does indicate that e-cigs are well tolerated in asthmatics”. The improvements in lung and airway functioning connected with smoking cessation is thought to be attributed to the removal of the inflammatory properties of smoke and the effect it has on asthma medications and treatment. Overall, the research showed e-cigarettes are effective tools to help asthmatic smokers to quit smoking. They stated that “the combination of behavioral and physical elements of e-cig use (providing nicotine with the characteristic hand-to-mouth action) is the likely cause to this effect”.

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