It can be tough knowing what some of the jargon means and worst still trying to work out whether an atomiser, clearomiser or cartomizer is right for you. We’ll take a look at each one in turn so that you can make the right decision that improves your vaping experience.

What are atomisers, cartomisers and clearomisers?

Essentially, they are the component of vaping devices that is screwed onto the battery or other power supply so that the e-liquid is heated and then supplied in vapour form.

Whilst we are comparing the three different types of components, there is no clear, hands-down winner. In other words, which one you opt for depends on how they deliver on the vaping experience you want. It also comes down to personal preference.

Having said that, it is good to know the pros and cons of each, as well as how they work and which one is best for you.

The Atomiser – the original device

The popularity of modern vaping began in the 1960s and really took off from 2007 onwards. The e-cigarette was touted as a brilliant piece of kit for someone looking to give up smoking, vaping really came to the fore.

The atomiser is the original component that delivered the vaping experience people were looking for. It has changed little – it has a fairly small capacity and even though there are a few different designs, the majority have the heating coil at the bottom with a metal mesh covering it.

The atomiser is still a popular choice because;

  •         An atomiser is perfect for dripping – this is a style of vaping in which the user manually drips a few drops of vape juice onto the wick every few draws. Vapers do this when they want to enhance the flavour hit.
  •         It has a simple design – if you are new to vaping, a vape device with an atomiser is a great way to start. And because it is so simple, many vapers stick to it because it gives them excellent performance time after time.
  •         Low cost – atomisers and replaceable coils can be bought for a few pounds, depending on the brand.
  •         Easy to refill – straightforward in design and performance, atomisers are also easy to refill.

It’s true that many vapers who enjoy vaping as a hobby rarely leave the atomiser behind. There is no need to ‘move on’ because this simple device is effective in what it delivers. That said, if you vape a lot you’ll spend a lot of time refilling the atomiser.

Rebuildable atomisers also take a bit of skill and aside from that, if you want to avoid dry throat hits, not being able to see how much e-juice is left in the tank will probably frustrate you.

And that means you may consider swapping to a cartomiser.

The Cartomiser – a step up?

There are few differences between the cartomiser and the atomiser but these small enhancements can make a huge difference.

The main difference is the polyfill wrapped heating coil. This polyfill warp soaks up vaping juice giving you more time to enjoy a longer vape. Recent changes include designs in which the cartomiser is housed in a tank that has an even larger capacity.

So what are the pros of opting for a cartomiser?

  •         Holds more vape juice – top of the list has to be the fact that they hold more vape juice. If want to enjoy a long, languid vaping session without the interruption of having to refill the tank, then a cartomiser is a wise.
  •         Low cost – like an atomiser, they come in at a low price, something that many people are attracted by.
  •         Easy to refill – again, like the atomiser, they are easy to refill.
  •         Easy to rebuild – if you enjoy creating your own bespoke vaping experience, a cartomiser is easy to rebuild too.

But, there are some downsides. Like the atomiser, they may not be suitable for heavy vaping. There are also some people who believe that the polyfill cover dulls the e-juice flavour when vaping and, worst still, soaks in the e-juice flavour so that it contaminates the next flavour of juice.

The Clearomiser – the latest vaping development

Technology touches all strands of life, vaping devices being one such example. Clearomisers are the newest and arguably the most popular device on the market.

A clearomiser is usually cylindrical and features a clear plastic or glass tank. This means you can see how much vape juice is left, thus avoiding a common cause of dry hits.

In this setup, the vape juice is delivered to the heating coils by a silica wick. There are also other differences in design too with some having a top heating coil and longer wick. Others have a coil in the bottom of the tank with a shorter wick. This allows for easier wick saturation, which is exactly what every vaper needs from their device.

Why opt for a clearomiser?

There are many reasons why a clearomiser may be right for you;

  •         Larger tank capacity – clearomisers can hold 1.6ml of vape juice, although there are some tanks that hold double that. If you enjoy a long vaping session or don’t want to be filling your tank at what feels like five-minute intervals, then a clearomiser may be a good move.
  •         Clear tank – being able to see exactly how much e-juice you have left in the tank means the chances of it being drained mid-vape is avoidable.
  •         Longer life cycle – some vapers argue that a glass clearomiser is the best investment as they don’t hold on to e-juice flavours, great news if you enjoy swapping your e-juice from time to time. They also have a longer life cycle, especially if looked after and cleaned regularly.

     Superior flavour – you’ll have to be the judge of this one but vapers who have swapped to clearomisers say that they experience a better flavour reproduction too.

However, there are a few downsides, one of which is price. They tend to be more expensive than atomisers and cartomisers but the fact that they last a long time is a plus. Again, there are arguments that the wick system carries previous e-juice flavours although not everyone agrees.

A clearomiser with a top wick may mean that you have to invert the tank every now and then to keep it saturated with vape juice. Likewise, there are some brands which are more prone to leaking than others. But again, technology and research mean that clearomisers coming fresh to the market are much more reliable and less likely to leak.

In summary – which is best?

The answer to this is it depends on you and your vaping habits. One isn’t necessarily better than the other or more advanced but for some vapers who want to expand their vaping experience, a clearomiser offers more scope. But even for newbie vapers, if you are chasing a longer vaping sessions then again, a clearomsier might be a perfect choice. Or you may want to keep your vaping experience as simple as possible, and this is where an atomiser or even a cartomiser would be a perfect choice.