A Billion Lives, an award-winning documentary by American filmmaker Aaron Biebert, will be holding its premiere in London, England on Tuesday, December 6, 2016. The premiere is sponsored by Vapemate. The film explores the regulatory hurdles and storm of misinformation faced by e-cigarettes as a tobacco harm reduction method around the world.


A Billion Lives Documentary

First-time director and Executive Producer, Biebert, travels across four continents to discover why a device that can save so many lives is maligned and discredited in so many countries. British anti-smoking advocate and former head of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), Clive Bates, is featured in the film.

Cigarettes are set to claim a billion lives by the end of the century, even with rigorous anti-tobacco regulations and taxes in place which have caused worldwide smoking rates to fall. In the film, Biebert ignites controversy by exposing how governments, tobacco companies, and other organisations are to blame for the disinformation, over-regulation, and banning of e-cigarettes and vapour technology worldwide – despite the fact that this technology is helping millions to safely quit their addiction to cigarettes.

After its world premiere in North America in August 2016, the film has quickly garnered numerous accolades, including Best Director and Supreme Jury Prize at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival.

Tickets are available to the public and the event information and link to purchase tickets is below. It is recommended that you purchase tickets in advance to ensure that you get a seat as limited tickets are available. Tickets may be purchased using the link listed below - Please note they are ONLY available in advance, they may not be purchased at the door. 

Event Information


Venue: ODEON Panton Street, 11/18 Panton Street London

Date & Time: Tuesday, December 6, 6:00 pm

Cost: General Admission: £11.50, with an additional booking fee of £0.75 per ticket

Ticket Sales: Only available in advance, may not be purchased at the door. 

Online ticket purchase: https://tickets.demand.film/event/1269

Event Sponsor: Vapemate

For more information about A Billion Lives, visit the film’s website, and view the trailer on YouTube.