Like everything in this life, there will always be some ‘helpful’ person who knows more than you do about vaping. And these people can’t resist the urge to throw their 10p worth of ‘advice’ into the mix. 

From which e liquid is the best, to which device you should be using, to health risks that the tabloids have been punting; these experts ‘know all there is to know’ about vaping. Or so they think. 

Our advice (if you’ll allow us to offer some), is to ignore certain pieces of their advice. 

Why? Because whilst your friends and family mean well, they aren’t always the most informed people in the room, and their experience and yours won’t always marry up. Plus, sometimes it’s just plain bad advice.

We’ll caveat this statement now - the vaping community is a great place to be involved in, the people are generally friendly and welcoming, but there’s always that one outspoken individual who thinks they’re right.

Vaping can take a bit of time to get your head around, and you should approach it slowly until you get to grips with it. So, first off, don’t listen to any advice that doesn’t sit well with you, and secondly, don’t pay attention to advice from anyone who isn’t going to be around when you vape. 

So what bad advice should you ignore? These 5 tidbits you definitely want to ignore however. 

1. ‘Buy the most expensive vape device on the market’

Don’t buy the most expensive vape device going. 

The guy or gal in the shop who is filling your head with this nonsense is only trying to make a sale. The most expensive vape device will not be the one that you want to start your vaping journey with. The reason it’s expensive will most likely be because it’s complicated or incredibly powerful, and designed for experienced vapers. Don’t part with any money. At least not yet. 

A powerful vaping device isn’t going to break you into the world of vaping, it’s just going to break you. 

So when you start off vaping, pick a device that you’re comfortable with. Something cost effective that isn’t complicated. Our starter kits are perfect for newbie vapers, for example. They won’t break the bank and they’re easy to use. 

For an even simpler introduction to vaping, check out our range of Dash Nic Salts disposable pods, these are great if you’re looking to make the switch from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. For more info on switching, check out our ‘making the switch to vaping’ guide.  

2. ‘Bulk buy e liquids

It might seem like a good cost cutting measure, but there’s two problems with this pearl of wisdom. 

  1. E liquid has an expiration date. 
  2. You might not love the flavour. 

There are so many tasty e liquid flavours available, so why limit your options to just one, that you don’t wholeheartedly love? 

Instead, if you do choose to bulk buy e liquids, why not purchase say 4 or 5 very different flavours and try them out to see which ones you prefer. That way you aren’t left with a handful of sour tasting e liquids or creamy e juice that you don’t like the taste of.

Plus, by mixing and matching your e liquids, you won’t experience vaper's tongue (yes, this phenomenon is very real), and you can figure out what your preferences are.  

3. ‘Max out the nicotine levels’

Maybe in other areas of your life you might want to go big from the start, but definitely not in vaping, and definitely not in the nicotine levels. 

If you want to end up with a nicotine sickness, then you go ahead and crank your nic levels up to full whack, but you’ll only do it once... 

No, when it comes to nic levels in e juice for newbie vapers, you want to start with the lowest levels of nicotine your body needs. If you find that’s not enough, then you can increase the levels incrementally. Just don’t go big early. Just don’t. 

If you’ve never smoked before in your life and you’re vaping because it’s a fab past time and you enjoy the world of flavours that have opened up to you, don’t even bother with nicotine - it’s highly addictive and you don’t need it to enjoy vaping. Simply opt to vape nicotine free e liquid and don’t give nicotine levels a second thought.  

4. ‘Off the street products are just as good as the branded ones’

Can we quickly draw your attention to the currently coming out of the US in response to this ‘helpful’ piece of advice. 

Off the street products ARE NOT just as good as branded ones. If you buy e liquid from an unreputable source you might be saving money, but it might end up costing you your health. Don’t take the risk. 

Only buy e liquid and e cigarettes from reputable stockists. In the UK the e cigarette industry is heavily regulated with a great safety record, for a good reason. Don’t play fast and loose with your health for the sake of saving a few quid. Plus, regulated e liquids aren’t even expensive

5. ‘Cleaning your vape device is a waste of time’

Sure, if you want to go through vape devices like a kid goes through a packet of sweets, don’t bother cleaning your e cig. But if you want to have a great vaping experience each and every time you use it, maintenance of your vaping device is essential to ensure it remains in top condition. 

So if you don’t want to be continuously spending money on new devices, you need to ensure regular cleaning of the individual parts of your e cigarette. 

Finally, for actual sensible advice from a trusted source, why not check out the rest of our blog? Or if you have specific questions, you can always drop us a line.