Banning eliquid flavours won't work says study

Banning Flavours Could See a Decline in Vaping and Increase Smoker Numbers

As vaping runs the rollercoaster of legislation, the latest attempts at regulation involve the outright banning of eliquid flavours and e liquid flavour concentrates except tobacco.

But while some countries, and in the US individual states, are looking to ban e liquid flavours outright a recent study has shown that such a move could actually increase the number of smokers.

The issue of flavours mostly centres around the attractiveness of ecigarettes to youngsters, and will ‘Marshmallow’ eliquid flavours, as one flavour example, encourage youngsters to take up vaping… and then smoking.

Decline in Vaping

But research by Yale School of Public Health and the Centre for Health Policy at the Imperial College London suggests a 10% decline in vaping if flavours were to be banned in ecigarettes.

At the end of January, the Welsh government’s health agency issued a statement saying that although vaping is safer than smoking, “‘Confectionary-like’ flavours of e-liquid should not be permitted, in order to reduce the appeal of ENDS to children and young people.”

In June San Francisco banned all flavours of e juice, and in October the same thing happened in San Leandro, a smaller city next door to San Francisco.

And in New York recently Linda Rosenthal, a member of the New York State Assembly introduced a bill to ban the sale and distribution of flavoured e-cigarette liquids in New York, last week.

“That kind of product is meant to appeal to kids,” she had said.

Speaking about the proposals in Wales, Dr Julie Bishop, director of health improvement for Public Health Wales, said: “We recognise that there are a lot of confusing and contradictory messages around e-cigarettes.

“This is because there isn’t one simple answer – it is different for different groups of the population.

“In simple terms, if you don’t smoke, don’t vape. But if you are a committed smoker who is unwilling or unable to quit, switching completely to e-cigarettes will be beneficial to your health.”

Studies have shown that vaping is not a gateway for young people to start nicotine.  And studies have also shown that vaping is a gateway to smoking... so in reality there have been so many studies that it is near impossible to tell one scientific truth from another with regards to the outcomes of vaping.

But despite all the disparities, e cigarettes have become the most successful smoking cessation device and were included this year for the first time in the NHS Stoptober campaign. And the use if eliquid and e liquid concentrates for DIy vaping, continues to grow.