Today I will be reviewing one of Vapemate’s best selling e-liquids, Bavarian Cream. My love of Bavarian Cream can be traced back to when I worked at a prominent bakery many years ago. Since then I have been hooked on this flavour and have searched for an e-liquid that would match the incredible taste I fell in love with. After many trial and errors with various juices and brands, I finally found the e-liquid I have been searching for, thanks to Vapemate.

Bavarian Cream eliquidThis is honestly the first Bavarian Cream e-liquid that I have tried that actually tasted like Bavarian Cream and not just sweet cream or custard. The minute I removed the childproof cap on the bottle, the scent of the juice began to permeate the area around me and I knew this was going to be something special and quite different from the other Bavarian Cream e-liquids I’ve tried in the past.

As I took a quick inhale from the open bottle I noticed a familiar sweet scent, similar to cotton candy and vanilla frosting. I couldn’t pin down exactly all of the amazing scents I detected, but one thing is for sure, this is without a doubt the best smelling Bavarian Cream e-liquid I have ever come across!

I do have to confess that because this e-liquid smelled absolutely incredible from the moment it arrived, I truthfully didn’t have the patience, (or willpower) to wait and let it steep before trying this captivating e-liquid. I decided to proceed to fill a tank with the sweet and golden e-liquid to test it out, and to make sure I was, in fact, correct about not needing to steep this particular e-liquid.

After quickly vaping my first tank of this enjoyable e-juice it became very apparent that unlike my previous e-liquid review, (Old Vastard e-liquid), this juice indeed didn’t require any additional steeping time to enhance the flavour. In my opinion, this e-liquid tasted phenomenal immediately after receiving it! Of course, this is my personal experience and some of you may feel that this juice might need some steeping time. It’s obviously up to your personal preference, every vaper has their own opinion and style and it may take time to discover what exactly works best for you.

Now that we’ve covered the intoxicating scent of this e-liquid, I’m going to discuss the delicious flavour notes of the Bavarian Cream e-liquid. In my opinion, this Bavarian Cream e-liquid is without a doubt the perfect e-liquid and overall outstanding! I was instantly hooked from the second I took my very first vape of this e-liquid.

The first thing you notice about the Bavarian Cream e-liquid is it has a sweet and rich creaminess to it, especially on the inhale. What I really loved about this particular e-liquid was that it was sweet, but not overwhelming or made you feel sick from eating too many sweets. This e-liquid is incredibly smooth and makes you feel like you’re taking a bite out of a premium dessert. There was a complex vanilla flavour on the exhale, similar to a vanilla custard or mousse, but much creamier and more like a frosting. The flavor was almost reminiscent of a ‘Boston Cream Pie’ filling or a Bavarian Cream filled donut or pastry, without the calories!

As most of you know, Vapemate allows personal customization when it comes to picking your e-liquid, including 0-30mg nicotine strength, PG/VG ratio, single/double flavour shot, and the size of the bottle. The Bavarian Cream e-liquid I received was a 10ml blue glass bottle (with syringe), 18mg nicotine strength, 50PG/50VG blend, with a single flavour shot (standard mix).

I found myself going through this bottle incredibly fast and couldn’t stop vaping this flavour because it was so amazing! It had a wonderful warm throat hit, although any higher than the 18mg and I think it might be a little harsh for my throat. One thing that actually surprised me about this e-liquid was the massive amount of vapour it produced. Especially at only a 50PG/50VG blend I truly was not expecting this e-liquid to be able to produce such large of clouds.

As I stated in my Old Vastard e-liquid review, Vapemate adheres to the most stringent guidelines and regulations of both the British and European safety standards. Furthermore, all of Vapemate’s e-liquids are 100% made in the UK with genuine pharmaceutical grade nicotine of the highest quality. All of their 166 e-liquid choices come complete with safety warnings, ingredient lists, and childproof safety caps.

Not only does Vapemate ensure its users are receiving the best and safest products possible, but they are also taking additional steps to keep non-vapers and pets safe around your vaping supplies and e-liquid.

The more varieties of e-liquid I try from Vapemate, the more I fall in love with this company! I love the high-quality products and amazing customer service this company consistently provides.

After trying the Bavarian Cream e-liquid for myself I can honestly give my personal recommendation for this product to anyone that enjoys a sweet, creamy, vanilla-flavoured e-liquid. After just one vape of this delectable e-liquid it’s easy to see why this flavour is one of Vapemate’s best selling e-liquids.

The Bavarian Cream e-liquid is the perfect complement to a cup of coffee or even as an after-dinner treat. However, as hooked on this e-liquid as I became and in combination with my sweet tooth, I basically vaped it all day long and loved every minute of it. I definitely plan on purchasing a larger bottle very soon when I am entirely out, but this time with a double flavour shot since I am now obsessed with this e-liquid.

One thing I wish Vapemate had is the option for bottles larger than 30ml for when you find an e-liquid you absolutely love. It would also be nice, but not necessary if they offered both plastic and glass bottles to make travel easier and to accommodate personal preferences.

~ Tiffany Birge