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Can Ecigarettes Help Smokers Kick the Traditional Habit?

Posted 28th Jul 2013 to Quit Smoking


Darrin Gold had been smoking for 27 years when he picked up an electronic cigarette. The Los Angeles real estate broker had tried to quit via nicotine gum, patches and lozenges, and didn't hold out much hope for the personal vaporizer.

A few days later, he trashed his traditional cigarettes.

Technically, e-cigarettes are not stop-smoking devices and may not be marketed as such. There is not much published scientific evidence that the devices are a viable method to quit cigarettes, says Linda Sarna, a professor at UCLA's school of nursing and chair of the committee that recently enacted a campus-wide ban of cigarettes both traditional and electronic. For now, she says, that makes them "snake oil."

"If there is a product out there that can help smokers quit and is safe, we're all for it," adds Sarna. "We just need the evidence."


Original article posted: Saturday July 06, 2013 | By Amber Dance | LA Times 


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