Vitamin Vape

While the e-cigarette industry continues to gain popularity with a steady increase of individuals converting from smoking to vaping e liquid flavour concentrates everyday, it only seems logical that more bold, unique, and intriguing e-liquid flavors and oil filled electric cigarette have begun to appear on the market. Vapemate for example has a variety of caffeinated e-liquids, ranging from different types of energy drinks, soft drinks/sodas, and coffee e-liquids. These caffeinated e-liquids have jump started a revolutionary trend across the vaping industry… integrating additional safe ingredients to e-liquids which can enhance the vaping experience.

Already more than a handful of oil filled electric cigarette manufacturers have begun designing products around the concept of an aromatherapy and day spa model. And ne question arises - how to make vape juice with household items?   People are also looking for caffeinated vape juice. The increased focus on overall personal health and wellbeing has spawned the creation of e-cigarettes with additional benefits. The Australian company, VitaCig, has become one of the leading distributers of disposable vitamin filled, nicotine-free, vape oil filled electric cigarette. Not only are these e-cigarettes filled with Vitamins A, B, C, E, and CoQ10, they also contain specific blends of fruit, vegetable, and plant extracts to provide essential antioxidants. Although VitaCig currently only has five flavors in their product line, each e-cig is designed to provide different health benefits throughout the day thanks to the precise blend of vitamins encased in each e-cigarette. Interestingly, they even have an e-cig called “Grace”, the first e-cigarette to contain collagen to assist with skincare problems.

If a nicotine-free, disposable e cigarette is not quite up your alley then perhaps you may prefer to receive your vitamins through e juice that you can use in your own device instead. This is where the US based company, BLOW, has stepped in and created an incredibly unique line of vitamin infused e-liquids called “Vitamin Smoke”. What sets this company apart from the other vitamin e-juices on the market today is the ability to add nicotine to your blend of vitamins, supplements, and plant extracts. Similar to Vapemate’s line of caffeinated e-liquids, BLOW currently offers a few of their “Vitamin Smoke” e-juices with caffeine, but only in certain flavors.

Although vaping vitamins sound like a groundbreaking idea, does it really work as well as taking an actual multi-vitamin in pill form? As I conducted research for this article I energetically searched for an answer as to whether these new e-liquids were beneficial or simply just a new marketing ploy. During this search I consistently noticed one thing, this definitely is one heated and passionate debate with varying answers on each side. However, the majority of scientists agree that while vaping vitamins and other health supplements may give the impression you are receiving the daily required dosages, the unfortunate fact remains that the majority of vitamins are lost through exhaled vapor.

In addition to exhaling most of the beneficial vitamins rather than actually absorbing them, there is also an issue with exactly how these vitamins are broken down in your body. Normally when a vitamin is swallowed it passes through the digestive system in order for the stomach acids to break down the chemical structure of the pill, thus releasing the molecules of the vitamin. Inhaling vitamins skips the intestines and digestive system, leaving means of absorption through only the mouth, nose, and lungs. Additionally, the potency of these vitamins is drastically diluted in vapor form compared to ingesting the same vitamins in a pill or liquids that are not e liquid concentrates.

In conclusion, vaping vitamins may seem like a revolutionary step in the e liquid industry, but in all actuality consumers may want to hold off until the delivery of these vitamins and supplements has been perfected. Unlike caffeinated e-liquids, (which have been studied, tested, and shown to give an energy boost), these vitamin-juices still need some drastic alterations before truly becoming as beneficial as these vendors suggest. Remember, (just in case you are one of those vapers that has jumped on this bandwagon), be sure to still eat a balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients and natural vitamins, otherwise you may be doing more harm to your body than good! 

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