“We are at the beginning of a seismic shift in respect of this plant on a global scale…” Simon Manthorpe, CEO, Eos Leisure


A recent article in The Grocer discussed the popularity and huge market growth of CBD products.  And Eos Leisure CEO Simon Manthorpe was invited to share his views on the future of CBD.  The Eos Leisure group includes Vapemate, a leading retailer of eliquid, and Ambience, the premium CBD range.

"Street cannabis in the UK has been bred for maximum THC and minimum CBD. There’s no balance and this is why there are genuine concerns around mental health and young people using this when their brains are not fully formed. We have to find a way of separating this from CBD."

“People who would quite comfortably go to Holland & Barrett to buy vitamins suddenly had a cannabinoid product presented to them by a major retailer.  That carries some weight. Lots of people were then self-medicating for conditions they would rather not take a traditional western drug for. That’s been an enormous part of CBD’s increased popularity.”


Simon Manthorpe, CEO, Eos Leisure


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