The complete guide to CBD oil strengths

Getting your head around CBD can be a daunting task. It can take a lot of trial and error before you find the perfect CBD potency for you and your specific needs, and depending on what those are, for many, the process can be off-putting and confusing. Whilst there’s certainly no shortage of information out there on the subject, with conflicting claims and misinformation everywhere – when it comes to dosing CBD oil, knowing where to begin can often seem impossible.

We know from experience that the numbers surrounding CBD oil strengths are the biggest cause for confusion amongst consumers, which is why we aim to make finding and buying the right strengths of CBD oil as straight forward as possible.

To help you get started, today we’re cutting through the confusing jargon, breaking down the percentages and shedding some light on the topic of CBD oil strengths in the UK. Whether you’ve been using CBD for some time or are still considering whether the cannabinoid is for you, we’re here to help with a clear-cut guide including everything you need to know.

What are the different strengths of CBD oil?

Before we talk numbers, it’s important to note that there is no ‘right’ strength of CBD oil. Each one of us has different biochemistry, meaning that no two people will ever react the same to CBD, even if the dosing is exactly the same. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have not provided any information on a recommended daily amount for CBD, so without an official serving size, it truly is based on the individual in question.

With this in mind, it can seem all too easy to jump in at the deep end and begin experimenting with CBD oil potencies of all kinds in a bid to find what works for you. However, in order to get the best results that you can, and to avoid any unpleasant side effects, it’s important to first get to know the different strengths out there.

Now, if you’ve been shopping around for CBD oil for a while, you’ve probably come across certain strengths that crop up time and time again. Most retailers will provide at least three different potencies or concentrations of their CBD oils for you to choose from, with 300mg, 600mg and 1000mg being amongst the most popular. These are typically considered low, medium and high doses, respectively. But, in truth CBD oil potency can vary anywhere from just 100mg to 5,000mg, and then there’s the size of the bottle to consider too.

It’s also worth noting that some CBD oil companies label their products differently, with potencies being shown in mg, or percentages. For those already uncertain, this can further complicate matters, but it’s actually quite easy to translate once you know how, as demonstrated below:












The truth is, it would be impossible to list every different potential CBD oil strength on the market. With thousands of CBD companies out there, and each retailer offering their own products there are simply too many variations.

The key is to understand what to look for when identifying the strength of CBD oil, and determining whether this is low, medium or high strength. In order to make this as effortless as possible, all of the CBD oils we stock are both well-labelled for quick and accurate shopping, as well as being UK regulated, high quality products coming from some of the most reputable names in the industry.

Some of our best sellers include LDN CBD, offering low doses perfect for beginners to as high as 30% (3000mg) for experienced consumers. We also stock the likes of Tailored CBD, CBDfx and George Botanicals to name but a few, all offering a variety of strengths perfect for novice users as well as those who have a higher tolerance for the cannabinoid.

Why are there different strengths of CBD oil?

So, what’s the need for such a vast array of CBD potencies? Whilst there are a wide range of factors that will have an impact on the amount of CBD you need, including gender and weight, the main one is the reason for why you are taking it in the first place.

Put simply, different strengths of CBD oil will have different effects. Typically, weaker potencies are ideal for day to day health whilst stronger doses are often better for more serious medical conditions. For most people who use CBD oil for medical purposes, finding the right dose centres around finding relief for their health concern.

It’s important to note that although we stock a range of high-quality CBD oils here at Vapemate, we are not medical professionals and our advice around CBD oil dosing should not be taken as medical advice. Whilst we will always offer our expert advice, and strongly back the potential of CBD oil, we encourage all our customers to consult their doctor for more information. It is also worth noting that not all proposed effects of CBD oil are scientifically backed, and none of our advice or products should replace advice or medication prescribed by a medical professional.

Smaller CBD strengths and their effects

For those just starting out with CBD oil, or who are merely looking to implement CBD oil into their everyday health routine – smaller strengths can be ideal. As we touched on earlier, there is no specific potency that can be deemed low or high as there are a number of variables which can impact what sort of dosage you will need, as well as considering how sensitive to the cannabinoid you may be. However, these things aside, CBD oil at 300mg is widely considered a good starting dose and one that is relatively ‘low’.

For those looking to take CBD oil as a daily supplement, a low dose may be all that is required to reap the benefits. That can be anything from 100mg to 500mg, but of course, it’s always best to start low and work your way up – but more on that later!

The perfect beginner’s potency for CBD oil, we stock some of the most reputable brands, such as LDN CBD and George Botanicals who offer low dose CBD oils ideal to get you started.

Medium CBD doses and their effects

Depending on your tolerance levels, low dose CBD oil may not quite hit the mark, in which case it could be time to increase the potency a little to something stronger. We never advise taking giant leaps in CBD oil dosage, which is where medium strength CBD oils come in.

CBD oils with a potency of around 600mg are often deemed a medium strength, which can be used for daily use if you find lower doses too weak. However, they are also a popular option for mild to moderate health conditions for those who are finding themselves having to take higher amounts of low potency CBD oil to feel the benefits.

From day to day aches and pains to migraines, anxiety and insomnia, medium strength CBD oils such as 750mg Pure Earth can be a much more effective way of relieving unpleasant symptoms without topping up regularly.

Strong CBD strengths and their effects

High strength CBD oils can offer huge benefits when used correctly, however, they are not appropriate for beginners or those who are still experimenting with CBD oil potency. As a rule, 1000mg and above can be deemed as high strength, and should be taken only by those who have worked their way up, rather than as a starting point. Unlike low or medium strength CBD oil, high doses of CBD oil can have significant unpleasant effects if taken incorrectly.

High doses of CBD oil can be used for an array of medical conditions including chronic pain, inflammation, sleep issues as well as for daily use in those who are experienced. Once again, we remind customers to first seek professional medical advice when considering CBD oil for a health condition.

Starting low and moving high

As we have highlighted already, finding the right CBD oil potency for you is a process and one that should be taken gradually. Regardless of weight or health condition, it is always advised to start off on a low dose of CBD oil and work your way up from there in order to avoid unwanted effects.

We understand how tempting it can be to jump in with a high dose, especially where instant relief is sought. However, moving too fast with CBD oil dosing could put you off for life, and so it is worth taking the time to research and find the right starting point for you to work from. Allowing you to assess your goals at every stage as your tolerance levels adjust will give you the best results and most positive experience.

Staying safe and knowing your product

A quick search online will bring up a range of horror stories surrounding CBD oil consumption, and we are the first to recognise the importance of shopping smartly and staying safe. Luckily, there are a wide range of simple steps you can take to ensure the CBD oil you get is not only the right potency for you but is a safe product to take.

As a company we only work with UK regulated CBD products and the brands we stock have fantastic reputations. However, there are plenty of online and offline places where low-quality or unsafe CBD oil can be purchased at a low cost. In order to avoid dodgy retailers.


We know how confusing the CBD market can be, which is why we’re passionate about offering as much free and clear information as we can here at Vapemate. When it comes to finding the correct CBD potency for your needs, our team are experts, and we are more than happy to offer help and guidance where possible to make your CBD journey as easy as possible.

We’re confident that our range of high-quality and affordable CBD oils will meet your needs, so why not take a look through them to get your journey off to the best start possible.