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Chasing Cadence: From Hertfordshire to #8 on iTunes

Posted 1st Dec 2016 to Vaping News


Great things have happened since we last talked to Rob Barlow of Chasing Cadence in August. Since then, they’ve played the Unsigned Music Awards, had a single played on BBC Radio One, released the new EP Destroy Something Beautiful which reached #8 on the iTunes chart within 48 hours of its release, and Rob has gone completely off cigs with the help of vaping. Vapemate is collaborating with the band to design a special eliquid which will be released before Christmas.

We had another chat with Rob Barlow, rhythm guitarist for Chasing Cadence, about how the band has been getting on and his journey to quit smoking through vaping.

New EP: Destroy Something Beautiful

The new Chasing Cadence EP, Destroy Something Beautiful, was officially released in September of 2016 with a packed release party at the Black Heart in London. Unsurprisingly, it charted very well on its release. “I woke up the first day and noticed we were at #74 on the iTunes charts, and thought that was very good for a small band from Hertfordshire. Then it shot up to #8 on the charts within 48 hours. It was mindblowing.”

Chasing Cadence has also released a series of three videos from the EP, all with an interconnected theme. You can watch them below.

Rob quits smoking entirely with vaping

While all of the news about the band is fantastic, we were most excited to learn that Rob has now quit smoking entirely. Up until a month and a half ago, he was still smoking occasionally alongside vaping. It all started with a walk. “I got back from a stroll, and realized I was very tired. I decided then that I had to quit entirely.” He’s noticed great relief in his chest, which was feeling very heavy before he quit, and a general increase in his stamina.

He also says that while it makes sense to quit for the obvious health effects, he’s glad of the short-term improvements he’s noticing. “It’s been nice to not be waking up in the morning with tar in my throat and being without yellow fingertips and teeth. I like to think I’m a bit more presentable.”

Other Chasing Cadence News

  • BBC Radio One played one of the singles off the new EP, Watching the World.

  • Chasing Cadence is being featured as “Fresh Blood” in print and online by Keerang!  

  • Chasing Cadence played the Unsigned Music Awards in October

Go see Chasing Cadence this month

Chasing Cadence will be doing a mini-tour around Britain at the beginning of December. Here are the dates, towns and venues:

December 2nd - Northampton - Bantam
December 3rd - Bridgwater - The Cobblestones
December 4th - Swansea - The Scene
December 8th - St Albans - The Horn

Look for the new eliquid developed with Chasing Cadence from Vapemate prior to the Christmas holidays.


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