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Chasing Cadence: UK Alternative Band Vaping For “Dear Life”

Posted 8th Aug 2016 to Vaping News


Chasing Cadence - Quitting Smoking for Vaping Leads to Better Vocals


Chasing Cadence is a five-member alternative band from Hertfordshire who are quickly making their mark on the UK alternative scene with extensive touring, a song featured with Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling, and a massively successful debut EP. Most recently, they were asked to perform at the upcoming Unsigned Music Awards, which will be televised on the Box Plus Network live.


We got a chance to speak to Rob Barlow, rhythm guitarist, about his experience with vaping. Barlow was smoking 8-10 cigarettes a day, when his housemate Dan brought home a vaping setup. After trying it, he went out and bought one of his own for about 70 pounds, and the rest is history. “Smoking is pretty much gone out of my life,” said Barlow – and it has, for almost a year. Barlow isn’t the only member of Chasing Cadence who vapes – the band's guitarist has recently started vaping too. Both were smokers prior to taking up vaping.


Rob’s vaping setup is made by Kanger, and he likes trying different flavours of eliquid, especially ours. “The guys at Vapemate have great flavours and are cheaper than anywhere else. They did a fantastic job creating an orangey, peachy flavour for us.” Rob joked about how his other two bandmates who vape keep on upgrading their kits, “they just keep getting bigger and bigger.”


Rob thinks vaping is more than a way to quit smoking. “There is a culture surrounding it. It’s a way of life. You walk into a vape shop and they are so passionate about vaping. It’s also a bit of a conversation starter, so you have that social element to it.”



Rob’s voice is coming back stronger than ever


Rob is noticing many positive side effects to being a quitter, including possibly the best thing for a guy in a band – his voice has gotten better. While he only sings background vocals for Chasing Cadence, he’s noticed that his range has gotten better and where his voice would give out after about an hour, he can keep going long past that now.


Smoking does increase swelling in the vocal cords, which causes the symptoms that Rob experienced. It can also lead to other conditions which can damage the vocal cords, which we won’t bore you with a wall of text about, but will let this lovely doctor explain in a video.



Chasing Cadence has a new EP dropping in September


Chasing Cadence composed a song, Dear Life, that is used as a TV sync by TNA Wrestling. This experience led to bigger things for the band, including an invite in January 2016 to play before wrestling matches in Wembley and other large venues, which has exposed their music to thousands of new fans. The band has just completed their sixth UK tour, and has a new EP, Destroy Something Beautiful, launching September 16, 2016. The EP will contain Dear Life as well as new, original material. They will be playing a release show at The Black Heart in Camden on September 29th. Here are two of the videos for songs that will be on the EP, including the newest video for Everyone Relax. 





Look out for more news from us on the Chasing Cadence eliquid flavour, and look for them on the Box Plus network during the Unsigned Music Awards.






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