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Christmas Gift Ideas for Vapers


Christmas gifts for vapers

Stuck for a Christmas gift this year?  Take a look at some of our stocking fillers and gift ideas that will add a little extra sparkle to a vaper's stocking.  Perfect for the beginner to the advanced, or you could even give someone who is just thinking about quitting cigarettes a helpful hand in the right direction.

Vapemate flare kit

Flare Kit

If you know a new vaper or want to help someone quit the flare kit is a great starting point and a great introduction to vaping. Easy to operate and inexpensive the Flare is one of Vapemate's bestselling starter kits. It's fully refillable too.  Give it to a smoker, see if they can quit for new year.


Vapemate Gift Cards

Gift Cards

If you're not sure what to give gift cards are a great idea, especially if you're a non-vaper yourself. Valid on anything on the Vapemate website there's five different card values, perfect for whatever you want to spend, and it gives the giftee complete choice.


Coilmaster building kit

CoilMaster Building Kit

For the DIY enthsiast get a coilmaster building kit. Comes with everything you need to build and rebuild your atomioser including diagonal pliers, various tweezers, kanthal wire and a screwdriver.  Throw in a building mat for extra points. 


vapemate pre-built coils

Vapemate Pre-Built Coils

Vapemate offer a great range of pre-built coils, perfect for the DIY enthusiast.   There's seven different varieties and they make brilliant little stocking fillers... coils will always need replacing.  There's fopur building mats available too.

From the Pantry Shortfills


Shortfills - From the Pantry

Shortfills are great for many reasons. They mean you don't have to cary around numerous 10ml bottles and you get to mix it like you used to.  Give the gift of one of our new From the Pantry range shortfills. Buy one, buy all four... add a nic shot and it's just like the days before TPD.


DIY eliquid starter kit

DIY Starter Kit

Another one for the DIY enthusiast – the Vapemate DIY starter kit includes, bottles, gloves, measuring syringes and everything they need to blend it themselves.


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