Cloud Chasers: Meet The Vaping World’s Rising Stars

In the past couple of years, vaping has exploded in popularity and the community of vapers has grown along with it. So it only makes sense that the vaping world should have its own celebrities too.  We’ve written a little about the awesome vaping tricks that you can do, and the two people we’ll cover here have mastered them all.

Fresh Skater Jay has gained notoriety by performing the coolest and most difficult tricks at vaping competitions and summits across the U.S. One recent article describes him as an “O blowing machine.” Jay’s skills go far beyond the basic O, however. He is an expert at “bending” or getting Os and vapour formations to move in cool ways to make “force fields.” You can mesmerize yourself with videos of his tricks on Vape Capitol’s YouTube Channel. You can also find him on Instagram @freshskaterjay. He’s definitely a vaper to watch!

Vaping isn’t just a boy’s game, and one of the star vapers proving that is Abby Vapes. Abby’s YouTube videos include tutorials on how to do tricks, vape product reviews and this honest and touching story about her struggle with asthma as a smoker, and how vaping has helped her “breathe better and feel amazing!” She’s down to earth, entertaining, and an incredibly talented vaper. We know we’ll keep tuning into her channel and we hope you do too!

Vapers like Abby and Jay aren’t just great for their awe-inspiring ability to do tricks. They help put a face to vaping, and they show the public that it’s not just a bunch of neck-bearded nerds huddled over a Dungeons and Dragons game. They are showing the public that vaping is for everyone, that it’s fun, and even that it can change lives.