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Cloud Chasing in Public

Posted 27th Sep 2014 to Vaping Style and Culture


High wattage devices have undoubtedly become extremely popular as of late. From mechanical mods to high-powered dual battery regulated devices, I have seem many people use these out and about. However with great power comes great responsibility; that is we really need to learn to control our vapor production out in public as it can really cause a scene. Just last weekend I was at a hotel bar away on business. I actually saw some fellow electronic cigarette users at the bar enjoying an evening drink. Since the hotel didn’t have any issues with electronic cigarettes, a few patrons had their electronic cigarettes out and enjoying the air conditioning while enjoying their delicious vapor. It wasn’t such a huge deal with the eGOs and the Cig-a-Likes, but I did see a couple of people with mechanical mods just ripping huge dense clouds to the point where it became hard to see.

Although the hotel was gracious to allow us to use electronic cigarettes indoors, we must not forget this is a courtesy and can be taken away. Creating such huge amounts of vapor is really cool, but its distracting not to mention annoying even to us seasoned e-cig enthusiasts. I’m all for cloud chasing but do it in the privacy of your own homes or at a place designed with better airflow. These high wattage devices are essentially miniature fog machines; just a few minutes of vaping on these devices indoors, visibility can easily be close to zero if the indoor place is not well ventilated.

Fortunately they didn’t ruin the fun for everyone. The bartender was impressed, but kindly asked them not to create “huge fogs” indoors as it was distracting to the other patrons. They weren’t asked to leave by any means, but I can definitely see that happening. That bartender/manager gave them a slap on the wrist compared to other places that I’ve see where they would be kicked out and electronic cigarettes would be banned for the evening thus ruining the fun for everyone.

So remember folks, cloud chasing can be really fun, but there’s a time and place for it. Not every place is acceptable for cloud chasing. Don’t automatically assume. Simply ask first then do; especially with electronic cigarettes where not everyone may understand what they fully are.



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