I’ve tried various Coke and Pepsi related flavors. None of which tasted anything similar to the real thing. Now I understand that the actual Coke and Pepsi recipes are a closed guarded secret and unlikely to be replicated in the form of an E-Liquid. However I half expected it to find a flavor that was at best similar. I’ve been through a dozen flavors from half a dozen companies and none of them even remotely comes close. They’re either bitter or overly sweet. I have to say my search is over! Cola Float is spot on when it comes to taste as well as the creaminess you get from a Cola Float dessert!


The E-Liquid came in a 10ml plastic bottle with Vape Mate’s logo and a child protective cap. The dropper bottle had a plastic needle shaped nose. This is actually a nice touch in my opinion as a lot of vendors would rather cheap out and not get the thinner nose. Having a thinner dripper nose makes it easier to refill a tank or drip in an atomizer. I was also extremely impressed with the amount of detail the label on the bottle had. It included the PG/VG ratio, nicotine level, name of the E-Liquid, and as well as several warnings as this is an adult only item. Something a lot of vendors would be too lazy to do.

Smell Test

Wow! Right out of the packaging the cola smell is very strong. Like popping open a can of cola to be exact. Even before vaping this flavor I can tell how promising it was. The cream and acidic-ness from an actual Cola Float is easily recognizable. If I didn’t know any better, I would have drank straight out of the bottle!

Taste Test Low Wattage

At a low wattage setting, the flavors from this E-Liquid blend very nicely. It somehow mixes to two together without one outshining the other. What I am most surprised about is the creaminess of Cola Float. Normally when you have a flavor that has some sort of cream and other flavor, the other flavor is very prominent and quite overbearing. This is definitely not the case with this flavor. Now the cola is dead on. It’s definitely more Pepsi like than Coke in my opinion. Which is okay by me considering I prefer Pepsi over Coke anyhow; surprising to say the least considering I lived in Atlanta (Coke capital of the World) for over eight years.

Taste Test High Wattage

At high wattages the cola does change in flavor for sure. The creaminess is still there and very prominent. But the cola flavor does take a back seat and becomes a bit more sour and tart like. Very hard to describe in words, but it is in no means disgusting. This flavor works very well in both high wattage and low wattages. You want to experiment on your personal vaporizer to see which one fits your palette the best obviously but I actually prefer the high wattage over the low wattage.

Vapor Production

I ordered 100% VG ratio in the Cola Float E-Liquid. In fact all my E-Liquids will be 100% VG due to my PG allergy so your results may differ from mine if you order another ratio. The vapor production is definitely intense. Large plumes of vapor can definitely be achieved with this E-Liquid.

Final Thoughts

I am in love with this flavor. My only regret in ordering this E-Liquid is getting such a small bottle! The cola flavor and the cream mixes so nicely together. Vapor production is fantastic as you can easily get rich dense clouds by setting to a higher wattage without taking too much away from the flavor. You will not regret buying this flavor at all. I can definitely see myself vaping this flavor on a hot summer afternoon or on the drive home during rush hour. At the very least it’ll lower my blood pressure as I sit in traffic on the way home.

Rating 5/5

Cola float eliquid