Most of us are established electronic cigarette users, some longer than others, but we are all alike in the sense that we are dedicated to quit regular cigarettes and approach a more healthy choice. My grandparents were smokers, my parents were smokers, my aunts, my uncles, and even my God parents are all smokers. When I discovered electronic cigarettes and made the switch completely, I wanted to share it with the world and especially my family. However family can be stubborn and especially some long time smokers often refuse to make the change, especially the elderly smokers are really not keen to change their ways at all. Here are some tips that proved helpful to me when trying to convert my smoker loving family to electronic cigarettes:

  1. Purchase quality gear. You wouldn’t cheap out on yourself when buying electronic cigarette devices. Why would you cheap out on your family? Spend the money and get something with quality. Most of the time when family members know that a considerable amount of money was used to help them convert; they are more inclined to stick with it and not switch back to tobacco cigarettes.
  2. Start with an Ego Style or a Cig-a-Like Style electronic cigarette. Some of the older smokers prefer the form factor. If you give them a large hunk of metal, they will likely than not just leave it at home or just not use it. Make it convenient for them to use everywhere. Buy multiple electronic cigarettes in the case they lose it they won’t have an excuse to fall back to old habits.
  3. Buy quality E-Liquid. Nothing will get a former smoker back to smoking like nasty E-Liquid. Depending on the person you are trying to convert, buy something that they would enjoy. Perhaps a dessert or a favorite fruit flavor. The possibilities are endless with the hundreds of flavors out there. If you are having a hard time choosing, I’d suggest Vape Mate’s Black Currant flavor. It is one of my favorites!
  4. Buy the appropriate nicotine level. This is a tough one as it’ll depend heavily on the smoker. Some pack a day smokers need 24mg/ml to satisfy their craving. Others only need 12 mg/ml to get the job done. My suggestion would be to buy multiple levels. Just to see how the smoker handles the nicotine level. Yes this is definitely an investment, but if you have multiple family members, it could prove to be helpful to have multiple bottles on hand.
  5. Share positive research and evidence. There is an overwhelming amount of nonsense out there. Anyone with a computer or a smart phone will see something about electronic cigarettes being detrimental to your health (it’s really not by the way if you’re wondering) on the everyday news. Teach your loves ones to read between the lines and show them the evidence and research studies done to prove electronic cigarettes are a way better and healthier alternative.

Always use positive thoughts when conveying electronic cigarettes to your love ones and this is something completely new and foreign to them. Converting my 75 year old grandfather was a real chore. Fortunately I was with him through the holidays and every time he attempted to sneak out for a smoke I made him use an electronic cigarette instead. It took over a week but it finally took!