December holidays to vape to

If December were one of the Greek gods, it would be Dionysus – he’s the guy responsible for drinking and good times. December, of all the months, is the biggest party month of the year, so you’ve got even more holidays to vape to than usual.

Here’s out latest monthly installment of holidays to enjoy a vape, alongside our recommendation for which flavour would suit the day best.

Bartender appreciation day, 4 December

The bartenders of the world are our late-night superheroes, our flavour magicians, and our hardest people to make eye contact with on a busy night out. They’ve got a tough job, so show them your appreciation with a liquid of a different sort with our king-of-cocktails eliquid, the Long Island iced tea.

Cotton Candy Day, 7 December

Need we say more? Save your teeth and try our version of cotton candy.

Monkey Day, 14 December

While we don’t endorse vaping by animals, we think it’s safe to say that our fuzzy primate friends would probably choose our ripe banana flavour eliquid to try first. Embrace your inner monkey and celebrate the day on their behalf with a banana-y vape instead.

Chocolate-covered Everything Day, 16 December

There are few things that aren’t improved by smothering them in chocolate – but eliquid is definitely one of them. Keep your real chocolate and your vaping chocolate separate this 16th and stick to the chocolate-covered-with-chocolate milk chocolate flavour to round out the day.

Christmas Eve, 24 December

Eggnog is a classic English treat that’s only 1 part drink and 9 parts pure dessert. Supplement the real thing with a vape that tastes just like it with our deliciously moreish eggnog eliquid.


Christmas Day, 25 December


Unfortunately, there can be no substitute for that stupidly full feeling you get after a Christmas lunch or dinner where you have to undo your pants and lie down for a bit. As a second best, give this Christmas pudding eliquid a whirl and enjoy the sweet taste of this seasonal vape without adding to that food baby.


New Year’s Eve, 31 December


It’s New Year’s Eve, one of the biggest parties of the year, and it’s time to celebrate. Kick the night off with a shot of tequila (eliquid) and you know it can only go good places from there!