Despite vaping 

Peter Tuthill is the frontman for Despite, a popular Swedish metal band, and a diehard vaper. We have just completed the design of a special eliquid for Despite which has taken a few months to perfect, and Peter graciously gave us some of his time right in the middle of the launch of Despite’s new album, Synergi, to talk to us about his experiences with vaping.


Q: Who vapes in the band, besides yourself? Are you all vapers?


Peter: Me and Janne are the cloudpuffers in Despite. The others haven't had any addictions to kick.


Q: How did you personally decide to take up vaping as a method to quit smoking?


Peter: I had been a smoker for 25 years prior to kicking my habit. I was at three packs a day, so when I heard about vaping I wanted to give it a shot. And it has worked like a charm. I'm now at eight months of being smoke free! All thanks to vaping.


Q: Had you tried any other methods to quit? What was your experience with them?


Peter: I've tried quitting cold turkey - didn't work. I've tried nicotine patches - didn't work. I've tried nicotine gum - didn't work. All these worked for about 2-3 weeks, then I relapsed to smoking again.

Q: What’s your vaping kit like?


Peter: We are endorsed by Aspire, so I use a really cool two of a kind Despite-branded Aspire Plato, 3 Cleitos, a Nautilus, and a Pegasus kit for tank and mouth-to-lung vaping. Recently I've been getting really into RDA vaping and builds though, and sadly Aspire doesn't have the devices or tanks needed for that so I've picked up a Koopor Plus and a Reuleaux rx200s. Both really good mods, in my opinion. I use Velocity clones for RDA'ing and I also have an Avocado 24 and a Gear 25. I really prefer the Velocity clones - I have 3 of them.


Q: Have you noticed any improvements in your health since you began vaping?


Peter: Most definitely. I don't cough or clear my throat anymore. I feel that I'm also more sustained, like a 1960's Fender Stratocaster. I've also noticed how I'm suddenly able to taste and smell stuff - something that I haven't been able to since I started smoking back when I was 13 years old. (Yep! Peer pressure is also a problem among youngsters here in Sweden). Oh, and my wallet isn't as empty as it used to be.


Q: Have you integrated vaping into your music?


Peter: Hehe! Nah.. Our lyrics aren't that positive in tone, so I'll keep the vaping outside of my lyric writing :) I mostly write about my own thoughts, feelings and about stuff that goes on in the world that I feel needs more attention, for it to come to the surface for all to see. Lyric writing has almost become kind of a diary for me. When I need comfort and healing, or feel upset about errors in the world I write lyrics about it. I think the listeners can feel that the lyrics are honest, real, and not fictional. Truth is stranger than fiction, and yada yada.. :)




Q: How are you finding the new eliquid designed for you?


Peter: The Despite ejuice "Cog One" has turned out completely A.W.E.S.O.M.E! Vapemate and us have been in close contact over the last six months trying out different flavor combos to find the perfect blend. I believe the guys and gals at Vapemate have finally done it, and we have a clear winner! I'm certain that everyone who tries it will love it. I've been chain vaping it all day, every day for about a month now since we managed to nail down the perfect blend. I simply can't get tired of it. Fruity, sweet and creamy ftw! :)


I want to thank all the guys/gals at Vapemate for being so supportive. We can tell that you genuinely care about Despite, and we're so stoked to be affiliated with such a kickass crew. Vapemate was my juice of choice even before we started the cooperation, so I'm really thrilled to have Vapemate on board the Despite ironclad. Oh, and also a big thanks to VAPING as a whole. It saved my life, for sure!


Despite’s new album ‘Synergi’, will be released on July 22 via Eclipse Records and it’s available via iTunes, Amazon Digital, Deezer, and Google Play.